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Archery Dice Review from SimplyFun

SimplyFun Review

I'm so excited to share a new game that my family has thoroughly enjoyed. Archery Dice
from SimplyFun.  This game is best for ages 7 and up.  This is a game of skill ,strategy or skill and strategy. The game is for 2-4 players and set up includes 4 sets of dice (3 each), a wooden disc for each player and 16 targets. Along with the game pieces is a full color instruction booklet that shows how to set up and play the game. It comes in a hard box for easy storage.

How to Play

First you will need to set up the game. This is all laid out in the instruction booklet.  You will need a little bit of space to play - for us that meant setting up on the kitchen table. Each player will pick their spot according to the color they want - red, green, blue or yellow. In their spot they will have set up 3 dice on top of a wooden disc. Three targets are set in the middle, those are you goal when playing.

To play, you each take turns flicking your top die from your personnel stack onto the playing area. Try not to flick to hard or the dice will go flying off the kitchen table! The goal is to either land on the center targets or onto your opponents targets. This is where the idea of strategy or skill comes into play. You can either take your turns trying to score for yourself  or trying to keep your opponent from banking their targets.  At the end of each round you see who won the center targets and claim them.  Then you reset the game for the next round. The only difference is the claimed targets are now in play for rounds 2 and on. They get stacked under the dice, who won them. The come into play because you have an opportunity to try to steal them on your turn by landing your dice on either the center target or the ones under your opponents stack.  At the end of each round any targets under your own stack get banked - banked targets can no longer be stolen. Get four targets and you win!

Our Thoughts:

For this game I played along with my two sons ages 13 and 15. We love strategy - there is something about playing a game that requires you to be a little dirty to prevent the other player from winning that appeals to us. I think it might be that we all love the thrill of winning  and that everyone is old enough now to even the playing field so adding that aspect of strategy made for lots of laughter as we each tried to 'steal' each others' targets.

As beginners there is a bit of a learning curve to flicking the dice and getting them to go where you want. We had them flying all over the kitchen and off the table. This caused quite a bit of giggling but I can see in the near future that my boys will attain some skill and then we will have some serious competitions going on. Overall this was a FUN game! It was easy to learn how to play, easy to set up and we all really enjoyed playing it. 

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