Thursday, February 25, 2016

Biblical Beginnings Toddler Set #REVIEW

I have a wonderful set of books to share with you from  This set is called the Biblical Beginnings Toddler Set and it includes five board books perfect for little hands.  While this set is put together in mind for younger kids I have been using it with my 5 year old and he has been truly enjoying all of them.

I'm going to share some of my thoughts on the books then give some details at the end of this post - which is a little different from my usual format.  Keep in mind that these books can be sold as a set or purchased individually online at

My Creation Bible

This book is adorable for little ones. It features some of the more famous stories of the bible with colorful illustrations and ends with the plan of salvation.  The adorable handle makes this very user friendly for small hands to carry with them. While this is not a 'true' bible it is a perfect story book for small children to have read to them or slightly older kids to read themselves.  There is a music CD included.

Take a Trip on the Silver Ship: Great Creatures

This book invites kids to take an 'imagination' trip in a silver ship to learn all about the animals they will visit. The ship features a mirror so children can see themselves in the ship as learn all about the different animals.  This is a great book for doing science with younger children and that is how we are using it in our homeschool.

All God's Children

This is one of the most unique books. The shape is exactly as pictured which adds makes it very visually appealing. This tale goes through a biblical account of why we all look different. I just love how this book answers questions that little kids want to know - with a bible answer. This is a great addition to our library.

It's Designed to Do What It Does Do

In this book we learn all about how animals are designed. What is unique is the eyes on the front of the book are actual googly eyes that appear on each animal as you read. There is also an interactive drawing that you do part by part until you end up with an animal drawing at the end. I feel like this book is different than anything else we have seen on the market. It also has the option to be used with multiple ages with the way the writing is broken up.

My Take-Along Bible

This might be my personal favorite book of the bunch. The handle makes this a very portable bible for little ones. Inside is a bunch of well loved stories from creation to Moses to Easter Sunday. These are stories but the scripture they are taken from is quoted on each page - which I just love. This bible is perfect for a beginner bible as it will hold up to the tough love children tend to give to their books.

Additional Information:

Biblical Beginnings Toddler Set - 

Five great board books to introduce young learners to biblical faith while you engage them visually with colorful illustrations and age-appropriate concepts. Unique shapes and features combine to make the text unforgettable, and youngsters are sure to want to see them again and again as they learn along the way!

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