Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life Update!

 It has been awhile since I did an update on what has been going on with us. I think having a new baby in the house really makes time fly by and I'm going to stick to that as my excuse.

So we had our little guy in November. It was a rocky recovery. Between my body healing and breastfeeding. There were issues. I had something called a milk blister and it was HORRENDOUS! I had never heard of it until I had to google it. Basically it is a little white dot on your nipple that is excruciating! You have to pop it and sometimes break the skin that heals over it - UGH. It hurt so bad. I wanted to throw in the towel daily.  However my keen sense of frugality won out and I stuck with nursing. Finally after about 5 weeks that sucker healed and we have been nursing sweetly ever since!

Now onto Baby. He is a fussy little thing. For awhile he fussed while he was being held or not held. Nothing worked, he was just straight up colicky. I spent many nights just sitting up holding him while he screamed. Then suddenly around the three month mark it all changed. I'm not saying he doesn't cry but not nearly as much. He still prefers someone holding him but will sit in a bouncy or swing and will sleep in his rock and play at night.

Did you read that last part?  He sleeps at night! I can now usually get at least five hours straight at some point out of him. Then he eats and goes back down for another few hours.

Sleep is wonderful! I feel so much more human because of it!

We had taken our 'summer' break over the late fall/ early winter. So in the beginning of January we went back to homeschool. I decided to start really working with my (now) 5 year old. We are using Memoria Press along with some review items. So far I see progress and I think he will be reading well soon.

Speaking of review items... This week starts my first two reviews of the Crew year. I only have two for February but March will bring at least five reviews for the Crew.  I can't share everything but it is going to be another awesome Crew year and those of you looking for some awesome homeschooling products - will want to keep watch!

Lastly, please pray for us. My husband went on night work in the fall and it is a huge adjustment for our family. It is strange not having him home at night. We miss him. We moved our school time from 9 am to 2 pm because that is when he leaves for work each day. This way the kids can spend free time with dad and not have school hanging over their heads. I didn't think night work would affect us this much but it has been rough. Thankfully I have the big kids to keep me company at night and help around the house.

Logan 3 months

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