Tuesday, April 26, 2016

GREEMU - The Green Alternative To Emu Oil #REVIEW

I love to incorporate natural products into our daily lives - especially if I can use them to replace harmful chemical-heavy products. We were sent GREEMU by Devonian to review. This is a plant oil based product for hair and skin.


  • GREEMU - The Green Alternative to Emu Oil.
  • 100%  Natural Blend of Plant Oils

This is a thick-ish oily product if I had to describe the consistency I'd say like a creamy serum. It has the faintest nutty smell which doesn't bother my sensitive nose at all.  The product comes in a 4 oz plastic bottle and can be bought from Koranaturals.com or Amazon for $10.80.


  • Macadamia Seed Oil
  • Palm Oil (Organic/Sustainable Certified
  • Shea Butter
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Rice Bran Oil

Emu Oil Versus GREEMU Oil 

Last year we were fortunate to review Emu Oil. At the time of the review I didn't think much about where Emu Oil comes from, but after using it for awhile I started to think more about it.  While it is an amazing product I don't really love that it comes from animals and would prefer an alternative. Emu Oil is great for skin but I feel like it has a great alternative use with helping with pain. GREEMU doesn't have that feature. So in reality both products have their place in our home but I don't have to purchase as much Emu oil with this new alternative.

How Did I Use It?

First off I'd like to share with you that you need the littlest amount of this product. It is very emollient and a few drops I can treat my face, hair and elbows. That is my favorite way to use this product. After styling my hair and before make up, I will take 2 drops and rub my hands together. Then I apply to my face specifically my cheeks, next I rub the product onto my hair. THEN there is still enough to apply to my elbows.  So be sure not to use too much or you will have to wipe some off.

Why my cheeks and elbows? I suffer from psoriasis on both areas. While I was pregnant with my youngest I had a major flair up and I've been trying to heal this eruption. I'm doing the usual treatments - vitamins, drinking apple cider vinegar and using natural soaps - but it honestly isn't working. Since I started using GREEMU I've noticed that my skin has started shedding (gross but true) again and it is healing. I believe this product is helping with that.

Another use is on my toes. (If you don't like feet...) For some reason they are very dry around the cuticle area and this product seems to help with that a ton. My hair looks shinier and I have less flyaways when I use it as well.

My Thoughts:

I love that this is a multi-tasker. From face, body and hair it has uses. In fact if I'm being honest I have a feeling I've barely scratched the surface on it's possibilities. My little guy has been having really bad eczema and I'm going to try dabbing a little on him to see if helps healing.  When I use this on my face my skin looks glowy and healthy - I really like that. It is a quick, easy product and I love that it isn't full of chemicals. Overall this is a winner for me.

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  1. I'm glad to read you have been using it on your psoriasis. One of my children suffers from that and I did use a little on their worst spot during the testing period. I was hesitant to use it too often on that, but I think I will have them try it more.


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