Thursday, April 7, 2016

Holland House Cooking Wine #REVIEW

 We are not drinkers in our home but I do like to occasionally use win to cook with. Many recipes I see online call for a cup of white wine and I like having options on hand. Holland House sent me several of their Cooking Wine flavors to try with my cooking.

The first thing I made was a mock- chicken marsala. I took some precooked shredded chicken and combined with sauteed mushrooms that I cooked with a cup of Holland House Marsala Cooking Wine and a 1/4 cup of Holland House White Cooking Wine. I finished the sauce off with a big old pat of butter. Served this mixture over some rice and it was delicious. It was quick and easy and very flavorful.

I LOVE chicken marsala and usually only order this dish out because I have never been able to get the flavor right until using Holland House Marsala cooking wine. I guess you can say I'm impressed!  My next recipe will be to add a bit of red to my spaghetti sauce like my Grandmother used to!

About Holland House :

Holland House Cooking Wine can take any meal to new heights. Choose Holland House to add a refined depth to your sauces, marinades, glazes, and sautés. From red to white, Marsala to sherry and several in between, there’s a bottle of Holland House Cooking Wine to pair perfectly with every menu.

Holland House uses premium quality wine stock and has a perfectly balanced taste and aroma.  The salt that is added makes it stable in your pantry. This gives you a consistency of flavor you can depend on from the first time you open it to the last drop. 
·         You can use Holland House Cooking Wines in the amount your recipe requires, but reduce the amount of added salt in your recipe, as Holland House Cooking Wines are seasoned with 1 teaspoon of salt per cup. Visit for product tips, recipes and more!
·         Holland House Cooking Wines are made with high quality wine and are available in the following distinct flavors:
o   White – Elevates chicken, sauces and seafood
o   Sherry – Enriches stir-fry, desserts and soups
o   Marsala – Inspires soups, chicken and gravies
o   Red – Enhances sauces, meats and marinades
o   White with Lemon – Brightens seafood, chicken and veggies
o   Sake – Enhances a rich-full bodied flavor and authentic Asian flair

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