Wednesday, April 20, 2016

More babies!

 Well if you have ever heard of chicken math you will know what happened when we went to get our 2 new babies and ended up with 3! (yes chicken math is that thing where you either don't intend to get chickens or you go for a set amount and you ALWAYS end up with more!)

In our case we got three new babies all together. Supposedly we have two a Ameraucana and one silver laced wyndotte. Lets hope they are all hens!!

I was worried about adding them to the week old chicks we already had but they took them pretty fast and I think it make the first group sweeter as they used to fight more before the babies came. This batch is super cute and fluffy. The older chicks taught the babies about food, water and sleeping. It was cute to watch.

Next we have to figure out the temporary coop for these guys then how to integrate them into the full grown flock we have at some point. Of course not until these babies are much bigger. received product, press or compensation to facilitate this review. This post may contain affiliate links. We only give our honest opinions of products. This post is in accordance with the FTC 10 CFR, Part 255 concerning the use, endorsements or testimonials in advertising.

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