Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Homeschooling While Dad is on Nightwork!

In the fall our lives went upside down! We had our fourth child who is adorable but very high maintenance! We also had a major shift in our schedule. Dad went on nightwork. His job is fairly far away - about 1 1/2 hours so he has to account for drive time to and from as well. Basically he leaves in the early afternoon and doesn't come home until about 2 in the morning.

Daddy is the big celebrity in our house. Maybe because we have all boys? Most likely because we all love him, he just so much fun and helps so much with everything. So having him out of the house in the evenings has been a huge adjustment. Typically he would leave for work between 4-6 am and now he is getting home at 2 am.

I shudder to think... if we were in traditional school our children would never see their father during the week. Only on Saturday and Sunday because he would be sleeping when they woke up and off to work when they got home. As it stands now we only get to see him a few hours a day because he is sleeping in the mornings and then off to work but I'm so thankful we have the flexibility to spend that time together.

So what does that mean for our school day?

Most days we sleep in until about 9.  Then we get up and do some of the everyday chores. If we need to run errands or want to go out to lunch we do that. My sweet husband tries to spend the bulk of his time with our boys. Daddy leaves around 2 each afternoon so the goal is to be ready to start school around that time.

Most days the older kids work from 2-6 to get done their school for the day. Having a 8th and 10th grader means some nights they still have to do some work after dinner but most days they fly through their work to be done.  If they are done then they have their free time after dinner. We are on flexible school with the 5 year old as he doesn't officially start until the fall of this year but at 3 days a week he does school with me for about 30 minutes. He is such an eager learner that he request to do school most days.

The baby does his baby stuff which means barely sleeping most days and nursing often. He is getting to the point of sitting up and wanting to play more so we all spend time with him. I know in the next month he will be mobile and that will shake things up again.

Most nights we don't really settle down until 11 and bedtime for the older children and I starts around 12. Since our littlest guy isn't really sleeping through the night - many nights I'm up with him when hubby comes home so I get to see him at that time.

It is crazy for sure but it is only for a few more months. I'm so thankful for the flexibility homeschooling has given us!


  • Be flexible 
  • Sleep when Dad sleeps and wake when Dad wakes
  • Everyone pitches in for chores
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