Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Living History Book: Our America... The Pilgrim Adventure by Susan Kilbride #bookreview

 Last year I had the privilege to review Susan Kilbride's hands-on science curriculum -   Funtastic Unit Studies .  This year I'm excited to share a series of historical fiction books with you. Our America... The Pilgrim Adventure is book one of six featuring twins Ginny and Finn. In this book they find a way to travel in time and end up on the Mayflower. This book takes us on a adventure sharing what it would be like at that time period for children. We learn a bit about the hardships and the triumphs of those first settlers and even meet a famous Indian - Squanto.

I love this book.  It is well written and perfect for younger readers. It is recommended for ages 10-13 but I think as a read aloud you could even explore it for younger students. It doesn't skirt around the truths (there are deaths) but it is handled with care.  One of my favorite ways to learn history is with living books. Bringing history alive is beneficial for children as it really does help them to stay engaged and learn more. This book is a wonderful mix of facts and fiction and the appendix shares more on that. We are planning on studying American History next year and I plan to assign this book to my older students as well. I think they will enjoy the story and gleam a new outlook for those early pioneers. 


Finn & Ginny’s parents are lost back in time, and the two young twins have decided to go back to early America to find them. Their search takes the twins to the Mayflower where they discover that the Pilgrims had far more adventures than they had ever realized. This first book in the Our America series is designed to teach the real story of the Pilgrims in such a fun way that the reader won’t even realize that it’s educational. "The Pilgrim Adventure" is based on actual accounts written by the Pilgrims themselves, and kids who read this book will find that by the end of the story they may know more about the Pilgrim’s adventures than their parents do.


Books in the Our America Series:

  • The Pilgrim Adventure
  • The King Phillip's War Adventure
  • The Salem Adventure
  • The Revolutionary War Adventure
  • The Pioneer Adventure
  • The Cival War Adventure

Visit FuntasticUnitStudies.com for additional information! 

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