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LearnBop Online Math #REVIEW

As homeschoolers Math can be a tricky subject to teach especially if you haven't found your child's best way of learning (hands-on, visual, auditory.) Other factors might be coming from a brick and mortar school home and needing to work on missed skills. Maybe your child just struggles with a few concepts and needs extra practice in these areas.

For us Math has been a combination of these issues. We have flopped a bit from curriculum trying to find a good fit and along the way we have missed a few key areas that have needed work. LearnBop gave us their LearnBop for Families subscription for review.

What is LearnBop for Families?

  • LearnBop has two main focuses one is working with traditional schools and the other is what I'm reviewing  which is their family membership (for homeschoolers or families that need extra work at home.)

  • They have single student plans or multi-student Family plans. Our family received the multi-student family plan. 

  • You can adjust your road map at any time to even further cater the student's individualized plan.  
  • Everything is done online so no grading work for Mom. 

This program is entirely online. You register your child with a basic grade level then they take a test to see where gaps are. After the program figures out the gaps it creates a learning path or ROAD MAP for the child to follow. This includes teaching videos and online work to complete each path.

For the online portion there will be questions and the child can submit answers.

When the Bop is complete they get to see their progress.

Achievements pop up for motivation.

The program keeps you apprised of your progress and what you have to complete the section.

The RoadMap even has some graphics to show you that look like a road map.

How to Use this program:

This program is a great supplement to other programs if a student is struggling or has learning gaps. I had my oldest do the test to see where it would put him and several areas of concern popped up.  I also took the assessment  for Algebra and had a few gaps in my learning.

I ended up being the one to work on this program the most trying to fill in my personal learning gaps - it has been a really long time since I've been in school so this didn't surprise me. It was very easy to use because it walks you through the program along the way. All you need is time and a computer along with a desire to calculate.

LearnBop for Families Review

My Thoughts:

This was a neat program and I think more parents would like to learn about it especially for summer learning. It has the potential to help bring a child up to grade level if they struggled during the year. It is something you could fit in each day for a short time. I did find a wrong answer on a problem, but I have a feeling that is an easy fix. It is definitely  an interesting math tool that I think will be useful for supplemental learning and tutor-type help.

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