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 Today I'm going to share with you a tool for homeschoolers to keep track of all their important records on an online program. gave me an annual membership to their program
My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping). is a program where you can plug in all your important school year information. You can keep track and easily pull up any record information you need to find just by logging on.

Things you can do with My School Year:

You can add each of your students and a school year. After adding Students you are able to add subjects, classes, lessons, keep track of all grading and assignments, keep an attendance record.

You can even keep track of awards and accomplishments for the year. There are many preset options for subjects such at Math, Science, History, English, Language Arts, Logic, Foreign Language, and Fine Arts. I personally added Health (we will be doing this subject in the fall) and Piano (which we do daily practice for).

Some Ways We Used This Program & Examples:

After adding your school term you assign each student to the term. If you have to keep hours or day records this program will allow you to assign that easily. 

 One of the features I really like is keeping track of awards. This could be as simple as completing a difficult subject or perhaps your student placed in a local homeschool spelling bee. I added 8th grade graduation to our list because my son is about to graduate in a few weeks.

Here the list of subjects and where I added one of the subjects we needed for the fall. Once added in you can assign the lessons and add it to each student.

 When adding a class to your student your given the option to set how many days a week they should do the work. There are also settings for grading.

 I'm currently in the end of our current school year and I am starting to plan out the next years assignments. With I can add in sequential assignments with a few clicks or add more detailed lessons by adding them individually with dates.

My Thoughts:

In New Jersey we do not have to keep such strict attendance or hourly requirements. So while it is a nice feature it doesn't apply to our particular need. However almost all of my friends in other states have to do this so having that feature online will be a big bonus for them. I wish that this program was a little easier to navigate but there is a help button that explains a lot of the features. The notice (think notifications) section was very helpful in filling in the spots I had missed and giving suggestions on what to do for each student. Lesson planning was a little tricky because I like to really be detailed and write out exactly what I want done in a sitting. If they could add this as an option this would make this program a slam dunk for me. (Basically I like to write out Day 1: Read pages 4-5, Day 2: read pages 6-8) The way it is now you can do this but it is a bit more work than it needs to be. If you are planning lessons over the course of a year and want a student to work so many days a week to complete 8 total lessons it is very easy to plan with just a few clicks.

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Homeschool Record Keeping { Review}

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for your review.

    We wanted to comment on something that you wrote. We strive to make the program as intuitive as possible and create tools to help guide you along the process. To that end, we are sorry for any frustration that it caused you.

    Also, we welcome any feedback you may have on lesson planning. We currently in development to enhance the lesson plan generator to create more complex lesson plan patterns

    As a reminder, if you ever need assistance while on the site, we have both a support email and a toll-free support line. That contact info is located on every screen.

    Again, we appreciate your review, and look forward to implementing the ideas your review has provided us.

    My School Year Support


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