Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Baby Chicks Go Outside & Our Coop Addition

 This post is filled with pictures, hopefully they load properly. Our baby chickens are about 8 weeks old and they were passed ready to get outside. We finally had a free weekend to build the addition to the coop. I say we but it was almost all hubby with a little help from the biggest kid. We decided to build a mini coop onto the main run because eventually we will cut the wire between the two and add them all together. For now they have a barrier and can interact.

We are pretty sure we have ANOTHER rooster. This will be hard for the kids because we already have one and honestly he is nasty and I'm ready to ship him off to someone's dinner table. The older flock was not happy about the new babies at all. Roo crowed and made a racket all day and night over it. I think he would have done them harm if possible. He is increasingly getting nasty...

 These babies have not figured out how to roost which is odd because in their brooder they were always trying to on the food and water containers. We have to get them a bigger water container but the local feed store was out so we have to wait. For the time being my son goes out and fills it several times a day. They are really his pets and his project at this point. He is our chicken whisperer!

 I am so impressed with this coop addition. We went and looked at a lot of coops and my husband was inspired. He had doors and access everywhere. My son can even climb in and through out the coop if need be.

It is hard to see but this is open at the long part and we just have to drop food in at the top. This will be handy when we go on vacation and our neighbor takes care of the chickens. 

 roosting poles

 Old flock waiting to meet the babies!

 This guy above is likely a rooster - he is going to be gorgeous too! A Speckled sussex

 Some of the babies - they were scared!

 As you can see Big Roo is staring down the baby chick. I think that white/brown EE chicken might be another Roo. This was the only negative thing about our flocks. Both times we were told girls and ended up with roosters.

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