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NotebookingPages.com #REVIEW

 Let me start by spilling the beans - I love this product! I was so excited to be picked to review it.  What am I gushing about so early on in my review?  NotebookingPages.com has give me their Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership

What exactly is NotebookingPages.com?

This is a site that has the most amazing notebooking pages for you to use in your homeschool. Notebooking is a way of doing school that gives your child a way of writing important facts, drawings or their thoughts on paper. It helps with learning retention and gives them a way to interact with subjects that might just be a little dry.

NotebookingPages.com has so many subjects available in their vault. I'm not exaggerating when I say think of a subject and you will probably find a set of pages for that topic. If you don't just send an email as a suggestion and use their blank templates to fill in their own information on a topic.

The pages can be colored, lined and include pictures of the subjects. There is a huge variety of different styles. NotebookingPages.com can be used in several ways. It doesn't just have to be filling in the pages with notes. You can do copywork, use the holiday section for celebrating or make booklets.

How Did Our Family Use This?

The first thing I did was browse through the different topics. There are pages for animals, famous people, holidays and so much more. Both of my bigger boys were doing their big end of the year  History projects so the first thing I did was search out pages for them. For my oldest his topic was World War II - they didn't actual have anything specific to that BUT I emailed and was told by August they would. So for him I printed some blank template pages. His brother had chosen Vikings for his topic and there was a few sheets for that topic so I printed those off for him. How did they use these pages for their report? I had them use the pages to fill in facts and essential take takes for their subjects. This eliminated the use of note cards. Then I had them hand them in as a grade for part of their project.

 photo 2C7C96EF-8189-44A5-AC28-942AA5AACA0E_zpsn5rvds2k.jpg
copywork for Memorial Day

The next thing we did was use some of the sheets in the holiday sections. For Memorial Day I printed off some of the sheets and had the two bigger kids each write a paragraph on what freedom meant to them. My little guy just did copy work on the pages. Father's Day was another holiday during this review and I printed off sheets for all the kids. Jace drew a picture on his page, X-Man and A-Man wrote thank you notes to their Dad.
 photo C3B84B01-4257-4006-AC11-968BCB83D65A_zpsgdcesegi.jpg
Big boys working on Father's Day Thank You's

Jace was learning about weather on a DVD last week so I printed off the group of pages about Weather to make him a booklet. This is a great way to make full circle learning by adding an activity to something like a educational show. He drew pictures of the different types of weather and did copywork. Then I stapled it together.

 photo 5513A3A3-F558-4B28-B1FF-C7B85023CF6B_zps6shh3eaj.jpg 
Weather Booklet - As you can see many of the pages have color aspects.

  photo 509EFB52-857A-47F6-8757-28FA0CA6DD86_zpsdzuxhdl4.jpg 

J-man coloring the Sun

  photo 695433BB-F8B7-4AE3-B336-5D5AFFD2A9F8_zpsrz38drer.jpg 

Making Rain clouds 

  photo E1676FA3-B370-41D9-89D1-1458718EEFBA_zps0ocaxvzw.jpg 

making clouds

  photo 867804AD-577D-46D7-ADC2-EBFD449D1723_zpsbhjllegm.jpg 

some copywork

  photo 3085dab9-464e-42e0-9785-21a28bc95d30_zpshokblqdh.jpg 
coloring the rainbow



My Thoughts:

I think this product is really a must have for homeschooling. The fact that the work is done for you on so many subjects and all you have to do is click and print is just awesome. I honestly wish I had this from day one because I tried making my own sheets for history that year and it took hours! It would have been so simple to just click and print.  I feel like I have BARELY scratched the surface in how we can and will use this product. They have a mini-book system and 3D notebooking (think adding dimension to flat pages!). The fact that this is an all ages product is also pretty neat. My youngest is just learning to write while my bigger kids are able to write volumes.  I'm really looking forward to using these in the fall.

 If you would like to learn more - click on the banner below to see what the other Crew Members thought of NotebookingPages.com. If you are interested in purchasing or trying some of their sample pages you can click ---> HERE.

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