Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Favorite Things August

 It is that time again. The time where I admit that I'm obsessed over things and label so it looks like I'm not obsessed.

California Tortilla Nachos

These are Ahhhmaaazing! Like I want them all day every day. I just stick to once a week. Add the side salad too it is so fresh with the honeysomething dressing. Oh I just had it for lunch and I want it again already!

Disney Emoji Blitz

This is just such a fun app. There is a candy crush type game and you unlock actual emojis that you can use when texting. I've been playing while nursing so I'm leveling up pretty fast!

Old Navy Leggings

I know I should save this until fall and you frankly you might see this on a list again but they are sooooo nice! I wear them as pjs with a big tshirt or under a dress in the winter to keep warm.  They stay up and don't lose their shape at all. And they are cheap. Total win! 

Online Window Shopping

Yes I'm a dork like that. I love adding stuff to my shopping carts and never buying it. I don't know I think it is a new form of browsing.

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