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FlipStir Puzzle Review

 Imagine a puzzle that is all contained in one place and impossible to lose the pieces. That is exactly what FlipStir Puzzles by Enlivenze LLC are! We recently had the chance to try out a the Statue of Liberty puzzle.

What is it?

FlipStir Puzzle is a ten piece puzzle that is fully encapsulated. You shake, stir and solve. The puzzles include 10, 3D pieces and a wand to help solve the puzzle. They are made in the USA, don't require any batteries, large spaces and are completely self-contained. There are two levels of difficulty currently.

 photo 5B8337B2-0662-43A3-AD81-864AA5C7A79E_zpsdpof0fj7.jpg
Our puzzle

Level 1:

 Rainbow Pencils
 Tyrannosaurus Rex

 Level 2:

Solar System
 Statue of Liberty
Periodic Table 

 How To Solve It & How We Used It:

My older boys and I took the challenge of solving this puzzle. Basically when you open it you need to give it a good shake and stir to get all the pieces mixed up. then you go about building your puzzles picture for the bottom up. That first piece is pretty tricky but once you get that going you can use the stirrer to sort of push the pieces down and keep them in place. Next you build the pieces slowly to get to the top. This can be challenging because some of the pieces look the same and you don't know if you get them right until you place them on your stack.  Sometimes you need to shake the puzzle to get to a new piece. We took turns in our house trying to solve this puzzle and it was a good 20 minutes to get a hang of it and solve it.

 photo C972EC8C-EE09-4912-B469-B098138D64DF_zpsl82raorv.jpg
X-Man giving it a try

My Thoughts (and a bit of the boys thoughts):

This is a challenging puzzle. Ours was level 2 which was perfect because I have teens and they needed the challenge. My oldest did not enjoy playing with this puzzle and really didn't get a knack for it so for him it was a miss. (He is not a big puzzle solver in general.) However, his brother and I really enjoyed this. The first time we solved it we did a combined effort taking breaks. It honestly took a bit of time to get a hang of it. Then the next day we both had another go and we had gotten a feel and hang for it so we both were able to solve it. I honestly think people who like those logical type puzzles (think cracker barrel games) will absolutely love this. You have to use your brain to solve it and have some hand coordination as well.

 photo 9BDC2A53-EAA1-4687-99DE-EABC3590CF24_zpsdzpwijmr.jpg

The Crew reviewed several different models from both levels so be sure to click on the banner below to see what others thought!

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

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