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Homeschool Health/Fitness with HomeSchool Scholastics #REVIEW

 Teaching health and fitness at the younger grades can by rather tricky. In fact I had looked for something to use for my kindergarten student but fell short. See I wanted something that was informative, interactive and fun because at that age it has to be engaging to keep their interest. I was pretty excited when HomeSchool Scholastics, an i4 Learning Company sent me their WAY Comes Home Kit for review.

What Is It?

It is a little tricky to describe but basically it is a health and fitness curriculum for up to three different levels. You can use this to teach one student, or multi students. You can include three different levels all at once and the curriculum gives you everything you need to accomplish that. The three levels cover Kindergarten through 5th grade.

This is a Christian curriculum and it is designed for homeschoolers. In fact one of the pages in my son's book said to cut out the pictures and decorate your homeschool room. (I JUST LOVE THAT).

 photo C44D4282-0E98-4186-A8F0-0E0298A0B002_zpswye6pmjy.jpg

What I received:

This kit came with so much stuff! I'm going to name a little bit and you can reference the picture but I want to state this kit came with so many things. It feels complete, like you wouldn't have to add more than some art supplies and so far that has been the case for us.

A few main things:

  • Parent Guide
  • 3 Student Journals - one for each level - Health Safari, Me Mysteries, Innerspace 
  • ink pad
  • soft foam balls
  • glitter
  • worksheets
  • stethoscope
  • balance scale
  • DVD 

.... there is more included I've just scratched the surface!

How We Use This

So I mentioned before I have a kindergarten student. He is working on the Health Safari level. I plan on taking this slowly with him because he doesn't like to sit still but he loves hands on projects.

 There are 5 units for this course. Within the unit there is one 'class' for each  level and additional activities for each level in the other two levels. So when we worked on unit 1.1 we did the activities for Health Safari and then added on the additional activities for Health Safari in the other two levels. (This is where the multi-level teaching comes in, if I had two different aged students they would be able to work on both levels together and use the extra activities.)

I feel like this is rather confusing sounding but the parent guide really does set it all into place so you know what to teach to who, when and how!

 photo DCDA5FA6-BF17-4B7D-9F4D-C187555DE7B2_zpsnx0yrvfw.jpg 

I stated earlier we are taking it slowly. My plan is to actually do a unit over a few weeks. The reason is that I want to teach health in general one day a week during our school year. (For this review we worked a bit faster but we will slow down and go back to review come September). With my plan I can make this course last about 3 months. I think you could stretch it further or you could easily do this over the course of 5-6 weeks (THINK CO-OP!!)

Let me show you some of the fun things we did!

 photo 89C57E1E-1488-43AD-AC9E-F8BBAA839A01_zps4nmdxhs1.jpg
Jace decorated his journal

 photo 92D2A812-EFD3-4C4E-B451-C162ACC880CE_zpsfoat5ryj.jpg
Putting his name in his journal

 photo B724E7AC-09B1-4A5F-AF70-4EADA56EA1AB_zpssgwb7spt.jpg
Jace had to draw something healthy so he drew himself eating grapes




 photo 08F00AAB-3042-41AA-A1A7-EBDFA756C24A_zpsvhkmfaka.jpg
We made masks

Our masks

Learning about thumbprints - and then making them fun! 


Good Choice / Bad Choice Flash cards




My Thoughts:

I LOVE this course. It was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I am excited to work through the first level this year and then do the next two levels in the future as my student matures. I think that the value for what your getting is amazing. I will use the kit tools in other areas of homeschooling. If you had to purchase additional student workbooks, even those won't break the bank. I'm just so impressed.  My only complaint is the lay out of the parent guide. I wish that all the levels were grouped together rather than keeping the units together. That said it is a really detailed parent guide and it isn't hard to navigate.

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WAY Comes Home Kit Review

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