Monday, October 17, 2016

I Don't Want To Be Big #bookreview

Growing up is hard and can be quite scary! In, I Don't Want To Be Big, little frog realizes he doesn't want to be big when his dad reminds him that eating all his dinner will help him to grow big. Poor little frog goes on and on about all the reasons he doesn't need to be bigger or want to be. The heart of the matter is that he just doesn't want to grow up - which in the end his daddy assures him - doesn't have to happen and he can still have a good time!


 Frog does NOT want to grow up. Doesn’t need to be tall. Doesn’t want to be able to jump high enough to see the tree frogs. He’s just FINE being small. Besides, if you grow up, you don’t get to do fun things like jump in mud puddles with your best friend, Pig. Do you?

Our Thoughts:

This was a cute book that addresses some fears little kids can have. I know my kids have told me they want to be little forever or want to live in our house forever (I'll remind them of this when they are teenagers!!) It is a bit scary to think that far in the future, thankfully it doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't mean we can't still have fun like a little one.  This book was adorable as the little frog rants across the pages causing the readers to chuckle at his worries.

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