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MyFreezEasy Freezer Cooking Subscription Service #review

 Freezer cooking is the newest thing in cooking trends. Let's face it we all are busy and dinner time can be a struggle to figure out what to make. It does take some thought but with a service like MyFreezEasy you can get a handle on those rushed nights by being prepared in advance.

What I received:

 MyFreezEasy.com Freezer Meal Plan Membership

This is an online subscription which includes access to 8 meal plans:

  • Traditional Meal Plan
  • Gluten-Free Meal Plan
  • Slow Cooker Meal Plan
  • Clean Eats Meal Plan
  • 20 Meals Plan
  • All Chicken Meals Plan
  • All Ground Beef Meals Plan
  • All Pork Chops Meals Plan

It also gives you a Build-Your-Own  meal plan which has tons of options to personalize. With the preset meal plans you do have options to swap out meals as well.

Each recipe includes an break down on ingredients and instructions for one meal so you could cook it from start to finish that day and eat it for dinner. Then on the same page there is instructions for doubling the recipe and how to freeze it along with how to prepare that frozen dish in the future.
Lazy Lasagna Bake ready for the oven!

Then if you choose to make an entire plan, like - ground beef- you will get shopping list broken down in several ways so that you can pick which way would appeal to you and how you shop for all the ingredients needed for all the recipes.
Minestrone Soup - YUM!

Another thing that is included is printable labels for all the recipes so that you can easily print and stick if that is how you would like to organize.

Owner and creator Erin Chase also includes videos for the different meal plans to walk you through the recipes. I didn't really watch those but I did sign up for Free Workshop which gives you a great look at this whole plan and how it works. The tips she shared in the workshop really were helpful for later on when I was working on some recipes! I highly recommend signing up for this workshop.

Cuban Style Pork Chops with Rice

How I Used It and What I Made

First off I decided to download and print out all Septembers meal plans and put them in a binder. I did the whole thing because this was new to me and I didn't want to fiddle with it too much. There is a lot of information and it took up about 1/4 of my 1 inch binder for all of the plans. So I won't likely do that in the future because I don't have the space to store years worth of meal plans.
all ready for the freezer - see little air is the trick!

Next I made three recipes for this review. I made one to eat that day and two I made with a meal for that day and one for the freezer. The first thing I made was a Paleo Minestrone Soup. It was delicious but I definitely modified this one quite a bit for our taste. First off I added 2 diced chicken breast to give it a protein and I did frozen veggies instead of fresh. Lastly I added more broth because it wasn't enough for us. The recipe called for lightly cooking onion, carrots and garlic for the meal but for the freezer version didn't specify that. So I decided that I would rather just cook the soup then freeze a portion of the leftovers. So this recipe was very good but did not make sense to me for the freezer version as it would taste differently than the fresh cooked soup. That said I would totally make it again just as a fresh day of recipe.
laying flat is a good way to freeze then stand up and store once solid!

 Next I made Cuban Style Pork Chops. I made this one as is but should have modified as we don't really like cumin and it was pretty strong in the recipe. We agreed this wasn't something we would like to eat again but it wasn't horrible. I did make one for that day and one for the freezer. This worked well because my brother-in-law LOVES cumin and I gave him the frozen meal to take home and make. He loved it.
All ready to go for another nights meal!

The last recipe I made for this review is the Lazy Lasagna Bake. This one I made for that day and I have one waiting in the freezer for the future. I knew this would be a hit because the ingredients were similar to my own lasagna recipe and it was a hit. I love that I have one sitting in the freezer ready to go.

My Thoughts:

I love the simplicity of this. Erin Chase really has done all the homework on the recipes . This means you can jump right in and you will have success if you follow her tips.  She has figured out all the ins and outs of freezing and gives advice on what products (containers, disposable pans, ziploc bags) you should use. She has also given us clear instructions on how to defrost and cook the meal. I love that. Now onto the thing I would change. I wish that we could store these plans online rather than downloading them. I don't have a lot of space on my computer or for a bunch of printed sheets. That would make this even better. I do think there will be some trial and error with finding your families tastes with recipes. For me it would make more sense to make the recipe once then the next time do the freezer plan. This way I wouldn't be stuck with a bunch of things my family wouldn't like. Of course I'm dealing with an extremely picky family so that might not really make a difference if you have the luck of a family that loves everything. Some of the recipes didn't make sense to me like chili and soup because I don't really like the idea of dumping ingredients in a bag (like beans) to cook later.. so I probably won't make those as freezer meals but there were plenty of other meals to choose from without those types of ingredients. One thing I should note is most of the recipes are not very costly to make either so they are fairly budget friendly which is a nice plus!

I think this subscription service is unique and the recipes are well done so to me it is worth paying the cost. I am looking forward to trying out more recipes and building my freezer stash. In our home my husband sometimes has to take my car so having something I could easily pull out for dinner is a real blessing.

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MyFreezEasy.com Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}

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