Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Has the church become your god?

I recently had God put something on my heart. It might be different than what your used to in the areas of church. However when the Lord speaks I hope I'm listening and I wanted to share these thoughts with you. 

How did those questions make you feel? See I've noticed a trend in my life and those around me. We, believers have lost sight of some important things concerning Jesus and the church. When we think of church it is more than just the building. It is the people and activities. Church is the home away from home, a second family.

Church is suppose to enhance your life. You go there to learn about the bible. To worship and to help/lift up the fellow church members. To get support and grow. 

 What I've seen lately is a lot of heavy guilt laid on people to be more than they are. To put on airs. Instead of letting Jesus doing the changes in our lives we are living a false front life. 

Bible reading at home is skipped but you never miss a service - bible in hand, of course! Missing church is never a good thing but both bible reading and church attendance go hand in hand for a complete relationship with Christ.

The Pastor is the man of guide, our Shepard. He is a man that should be respected and prayed for. He is not god. He shouldn't be worshiped as one. His opinion is important but it isn't the most important one.  If you don't want the preacher to stop by your house and see you drinking - maybe you shouldn't be drinking because Jesus sees you doing it. If you would be embarrassed to be seen by your preacher in the clothes your wearing out and about - guess what Jesus sees those clothes!We should be careful to live our life to please God and not just do it because of what man thinks. 

Messy houses. With 4 kids my house is almost always a disaster. I try but it will never be pinterest perfect. It should be neat though. I still struggle with this area in my life. Years ago my husband mentioned to me that I shouldn't be making all these social and serving plans if I could not do the bare minimum at home. Guess what he was 1000% right. He was off working to support us and I was having a grand time doing as I pleased. That's not realistic or very kind to my husband and family.  He was gentle how he approached me on this subject and it spoke to my heart. I try to keep the floors, bathroom, counters and sink fairly clean. I also try to have clean towels and underwear. (My family might say this isn't the case but I try!) My point here is don't over commit yourself at church until you get it together at home. 

The last question about God's will in your life really comes down to your prayer life. Is there a couples retreat coming up at your church? That sounds like an amazing opportunity. You will have time together, and learn more about making a stronger marriage. Everyone at church is going! It must be a good thing! Did you pray about it? Often times we get caught up in things and don't go back to the one simple tool God has given us for our life decisions - prayer. Maybe the retreat is a good fit or maybe you've been praying for your finances for months and your husband will have to miss work at that new job you also prayed for. Maybe you have a new baby and you would have to leave them home with relatives. Seeking God's guidance in these areas will help you make a solid, sound decision. Asking your spouse too to see how God speaks to them will help too.

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  1. Great points!
    Especially the one about providing for your home before working for your church.
    This really spoke to me. God, by giving me children, has therefore called me to be a mother. There have been times I choose to neglect what God has blessed me with for things that I want and desire. God used my Husband, as well, to set me straight. 😊
    Thanks for the post!

    1. I've said for years that my children are my first ministry because God hand selected that one by making me a Mother. As they get older we serve together.

      Thanks for your encouraging comment!

  2. I find it useful to watch church on television. I have a Roku and can watch BVOVN 24/7. With this I can hear the Word and keep up with housework, bill paying, time with family.

    1. This can be useful when going to church is not always practical just be mindful that the bible does speak about not forsaking the assembling of believers in Hebrews 10:25.


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