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The Lies That Bind And The Truth That Sets You Free by Dr. Deborah Waterbury Book Review & Giveaway #partner

The Lies That Bind And The Truth That Sets You Free 
by Dr. Deborah Waterbury

 I wasn't sure what to expect from this book when I received it. Truth be told I've dealt well most of my life with the things that have happened around and to me. I haven't dealt with sexual abuse and I've never dealt with an unfaithful marriage. I wasn't sure what I would be able to take away from this book since it deals with both of these topics. However, Dr. Waterbury in sharing her experiences has  learned some powerful truths about our identity in Christ and the messages is both powerful and freeing. Satan knows how to hit us with lies and he uses this to pull us away from God.


In “The Lies That Bind,” Waterbury identifies five distinct lies that she believes are the most common stumbling blocks for people. Both she and her husband now counsel individuals and couples dealing with various types of difficulties, but Waterbury says that total transparency is the only way to ultimately begin the process of healing.


  • Introduction
  • Lie #1: You Are Worthless
  • Lie #2: Image Is Everything
  • Lie #3: Be Strong!
  • Lie #4 You Deserve This!
  • Lie #5: It's Too Late
  • The Truth That Sets You Free
  • What If I Don't Know Jesus
  • About The Author

 My Thoughts:

 Lately, God has shown me how duplicity in church members is a very rampant and real problem. It is always easy to look around and think everyone else has their lives together and has the most amazing life. I think most of the time people are actually quite lonely and hurting. They need friends who accept them as they are. Who help us overcome our past and live victorious. Shame and secrets in the church only help push this idea of being perfect. The lies about image and being perfect really struck with me. I have talked to many women who are living these lies that satan pushes on them. To look a certain way, dress a certain way. To have children who are perfectly obedient. An immaculate house... Do any of these things really make us better Christians? Do we really have to have that pristine order to be close with God? (Keep in mind here I'm not saying we should live in disarray but we do need to live authentic.)

This book is about breaking those chains that satan wants to bind you in. Letting go of the lies that hold you back. I was deeply moved by Waterbury's story. It was raw at times and she has been through a lot of extra hurt from people who should have known better. She has taken those hurts and lies and written a book that I know will help others. Lastly, I want to say how thrilled I was to see the book ends with the plan of salvation. Ultimately, know Jesus is the most important part of having the victory in this life! I'm so thankful that it was included! 

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