Thursday, November 16, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: ABRAMS Appleseed Board Book Library!

One of my favorite gifts to give is books. I think reading and being read to is so important. I love adding new books to our home library and we have recently added a bunch sent from ABRAMS Appleseed. These are board books perfect for the 2 and up crowd that want a little more in their story. Many of the books are interactive which lends for some reading. Better Together and Charlie Builds have strong family themes.

Builda Block by Christopher Franceschelli

In this companion to Alphablock, Countablock, Dinoblock, and Cityblock, readers are introduced to more than 24 construction machines. As in the previous books, Buildablock features die-cut shapes on every other spread and the charming art of British design team Peskimo.

This is a thick book with lots of interaction. Children can open flaps and turn pages to learn about each construction vehicles jobs.  Perfect for the vehicle enthusiast.

Charlie Builds by Bob Bianchini

Charlie and his dad build everything together. They build sandcastles at the beach, they build blocks in Dad’s office, and they even build a doghouse for Rocky and a tree house high above the backyard. But Charlie’s favorite thing to build is a pillow fort where he and Dad can cuddle together. This board book combines the perennial concept of construction with a tender tale about the importance of quality time shared between father and son.

 A beautiful board book about building relationships with Dad and son. (Totally applicable to Daddy/daughter too!)

All Aboard: Let's Ride a Train by Nichole Mara

Folding out car by car, this accordion-style book takes readers on a tour of what’s inside a train. Each car has something to find—things that make loud noises, things in different shapes—and along the way, a little child searches for his missing hat. The back of the book is a running landscape dotted with objects for children to find and count. All Aboard! Let’s Ride a Train is a fun, interactive ride from beginning to end.

This is a unique book in the set up. Each page is a train car that you open the flap and get to do a mini search adventure. I love how this is an interactive book perfect for busy little ones. 

Better Together: A Book of Family
by Barbara Joosse and Anneke Lisberg

 In Better Together, each spread starts with a single animal, all alone. Then a gatefold opens to reveal that the single animal is actually one of many animals working together to comfort, feed, and protect one another. At the end, we see how human families come together in similar ways to care for their little ones. Careful readers will be delighted to see that every animal mentioned in the book is hidden somewhere in the last image. The final spread offers interesting facts about the animals in the book, including the collective nouns for each. Jared Andrew Schorr’s bright, lively cut-paper illustrations and an unexpected freshness round out a very satisfying package.

 Better Together is a beautiful story of family. We are introduced to different animals and even a child. Each time they start out alone until you open the flap and see that they are really surrounded by family.

Meet Happy Bear by Nathan Thoms

 Happy Bear isn’t so happy at the moment—and the reader has to help cheer him up! Readers will have to do something silly, sing a song, and do something kind to lift Happy Bear’s mood. But when Happy Bear starts to cry, it’s clear that there’s only one thing that can make him truly happy: his mother.

 This was my favorite book of the set. While they are all wonderful my little one loved the emotions of bear and getting to cheer him up. In the end Momma Bear gives Happy Bear a hug and it is a perfect time to hug your little one.

Be sure to visit to learn more about each of these books.

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