Friday, March 30, 2018

Curriculum Review: Traditional Spelling I from Memoria Press

I love Memoria Press. I feel like it doesn't get enough credit in the homeschooling world against other more known curriculum companies. We have enjoyed our Kindergarten year and now feel the same about first grade. I love watching my 7 year old giggle while reading his literature and march around as he masters his recitation. It has been a good year!

With all those praises you might wonder why I felt the need to switch up Spelling mid-year. Memoria Press previously used Spelling Workout as their text for first grade spelling. We had originally purchased that since it is the scheduled spelling for the 2017 First Grade. In January MP released their own spelling curriculum -  Traditional Spelling I. I was intrigued from the start because we had been struggling with the spelling portion. J-Man was consistently getting 5 words wrong after a weeks scheduled work and 2-3 wrong when we spent 2 weeks on a list. Spelling Workout just wasn't working out for us.

Traditional Spelling I

 I called MP and asked them what to do. (They have the best customer service and are extremely helpful!!) They hadn't just changed the spelling but Spelling and Literature. There was a new updated curriculum manual to go with the changes and a new Classical Phonics book.

What I decided to do is update the spelling completely and the Classical Phonics book (which is part of the spelling.) The curriculum manual was a free update because I had purchased it from them previously.

What I Have: 

  • Classical Phonics Book
  • Traditional Spelling Student Book
  • Traditional Spelling Teachers Manual
  • Traditional Spelling Practice Sheets (bound book)
  • Phonics Flashcards (previously Owned)

How We Are Using It

We are using this curriculum basically how it is laid out. Introducing the words on day one and doing the assigned activities and workbook pages. Days 2-3 have additional workbook pages and Day 4 is a practice test.

The activities are hands on and explain the way the phonics work in the words. I think this is the key for why this curriculum is different and having such a successful impact with my son. While there are workbook pages each day it is only one page and takes no time at all. Copying the words is also included each day. It takes us about 30 minutes to complete the first day and about 20 each additional. Friday is test day and that takes about 10 minutes.

My Thoughts:

My son has done the first two weeks and I already see a huge improvement. He has scored 100% on each test which he hasn't done all year. We did have to start with list 1 because he didn't know those words when I pretested him to see where he placed. I think the key to this curriculum for him is seeing patterns in the words through the explanations and the hands on activities. It was written with little kids in mind because the activities are FUN!

I'm so happy I decided to ditch what wasn't working and give this new curriculum a try. Once again Memoria Press knocked it out of the park. They currently have 2 levels and I hope they make them all the way through 6th grade.

 *We opted not to change our literature at this time due to expenses. The major changes with literature was a new teachers guide and the swapping of Little Bear's Visit (which we had already read) to Frog and Toad.

*We plan to use MP for 2nd grade as well.

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  1. This is helpful, thank you! I didn't realize they changed the literature too. We just finished Little Bear's Visit, so I'm glad to know that was the major change.

    1. I’m glad I could help. I didn’t think it was worth switching the reading since we were doing well with it and it required all new workbooks for that portion. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I feel like I made a good choice since we are now on Billy and Blaze and it is going well!


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