Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Book Review: Sarabella's Thinking Cap

Children book Sarabella's Thinking Cap

 Kids should be dreamers. They should want to grow up to be the impossible. I love seeing little one's imaginations come out. One season one of my sons pretended to be Santa for three whole months. He was about 3 years old and he had the whole character nailed. He wore a Santa hat and two Christmas stockings for his costume. He spoke in a low voice and said "ho,ho,ho" after everything. It was hysterical and imaginative!

In today's world I wonder how many artists, dreamers and creative kids are suppressed with all the digital stuff. Kids don't go outside and dig in the dirt or cut up magazines and make collages. That is what makes Sarabella's Thinking Cap such a unique book. She is truly an independent and creative child. When the whole world might not understand her she has a teacher and family who does. That is the biggest thing kids need is support.

I often think of the movie Uncle Buck. If you haven't seen it the premise is that three kids have their estranged (weird) uncle come watch them while the parents attend to an out of town emergency. He doesn't have kids of his own and is kind of an odd duck. Of course it is hilarious but one of the quotes that stuck with me is when he is called to come see a teacher at the 6 year old's school. The teacher wants her to be less dreamy and more serious. His quote is fantastic.

Uncle Buck ARupLife.com quote

I agree 1000% with Uncle Buck. I want kids to play, imagine and enjoy childhood. High School comes soon enough and that is the time to plan for the real future. Until then dream about being a cat, or dinosaur. Create experiments and build creations (this is my current 7 year old's passion to build crazy stuff!)

This book is a delightful addition to our collection and I encourage you to check it out!

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