Friday, April 20, 2018

Mother's Day Pay Pal Cash Giveaway!

Mother's Day Giveaway paypal

 I became a Mother the moment that second line popped up on the pregnancy test. It was something I had dreamed about and hoped for from the time I was a little girl. I didn't dream of weddings and marriage but I had visions of holding a sweet baby and being a parent (with my husband.) I remember my husband even gave me a Mother's Day card that first year even though I was only 5 months pregnant! He knew how much being a mother meant to me.

Mother's Day PayPal Cash Giveaway

I remember that feeling of my life changing. I couldn't wait to count toes and see first smiles. Of course my dreams were all about the good times and sweet moments. Then my first was born and let me tell you he was actually an angel baby! He slept well and was sleeping at night by 3 months. He was bright and talked super early. He was the easiest baby we've ever had.

Only 22 months later his brother joined us. He was born pink and angry! I remember seeing him sitting in the bassinet and I really think he was glaring at me! He slept for about 3 weeks (he was born 3 weeks early) and when he woke up he let us know he was here! Colic was rough. He was nothing like his brother and Our world turned upside down. (I feel like I should note that he is my easiest kid in general but he was a tough baby who never slept and cried a lot! At 2 he completely changed and transformed into another angel baby - his big brother on the other hand gained a real personality at that time!)

As you can see Motherhood wasn't quite what I thought. It was loud, messy, and amazing. Really I wouldn't change it at all. I've laughed and I've cried. Many years later we decided to try for our 3rd and that didn't come easy. We had a few losses and many months of secondary infertility. It took a toll on our marriage (but we overcame!) Finally we had our sweet third son. He was what I would call a normal baby. He didn't really sleep but he was fairly pleasant. He brought so much joy to our lives. The five years later our little miracle baby came (you need to read his story here.) He was another whirlwind with colic and a strong personality. His first year was a hard one but he is developing into the funniest little guy and we all enjoy him.

I don't know if you kept count but that is 4, yes 4 boys!

Our days are 



I wish we could have more children but I think our family is complete. Thankfully Motherhood begins at that first positive test and keeps going forever. Every age brings new discoveries. This year we will have our first graduate, our first driver and potty train! It is always busy and always something!

 I wanted to do something nice for my readers to celebrate Mother's Day. I'm hosting this PayPal $25 Cash Giveaway. I hope it will be a blessing to one of you - that you can do something nice for yourself.

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  1. Not sure what we will be doing yet. Most likely, it will be dinner at a place everyone likes.

  2. I will take my mom out to lunch

  3. For Mother's Day, we'll be going out to eat at my favorite steak restaurant.

  4. For Mother's Day my family is taking me out to eat.
    thank you

  5. probably going to church with my family and then dinner afterwards

  6. I'm not sure yet what my plans are for Mother's Day. Hopefully visiting with my Mom.

  7. I am running a 5k Mother's Day race with my mom on Mother's day. Then we are going out for brunch.

  8. My hubby usually cooks or takes us out on on Mother's Day. I know about boys! We have 6, plus two sweet girls to balance life a bit! I was like you;I couldn't wait to be a mama! I love this life!

  9. Making my mom and grandma feel special!


  10. I have no special plans for Mother's Day.

  11. We all go to brunch at moms favorite restaurant. Then we spend the afternoon together, Perfect day

  12. My daughter and I always go to the Outback for lunch on Mother's Day. Sometimes we see a movie too!

  13. We will probably go out to a Mother's Day brunch.

  14. I don't have any special plans for Mother's Day because my daughter lives too far away. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. My family takes me out to my favorite restaurant on Mothers Day.

  16. I will just be working on mothers day.

  17. Our family likes to have a big lunch to celebrate all the mom's in the family. It's a nice, laid back occasion.


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