Thursday, August 23, 2018

11th Grade Curriculum Choices for 2018-19

 Homeschooling is fluid. You don't always have to take every course in an particular order. You can do history in any order. You can take various electives or even dive deeply in a loved subject. I say all this because our path in 11th grade might look less traditional than your child's path. My son has completed chemistry and physics already because we did those combined with his older brother over the last two years. Of course post like these are just to give a little discussion on curriculum and ideas to inspire other families.

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What We Are Doing For 11th:

Math -
 Teaching Textbooks 3.0
Sadly, we have fallen behind. I don't know how it happens but it happens every single time with every kid. We are hoping to complete Algerbra I and Geometry this year with Teaching Textbooks.

English - 

Online Writing Course (that is all I can say about this course for now as it is a review product but chances are I'll be writing about our experience later on, I will tell you the course uses IEW as a spine.)
Acellus/Power Homeschool English 3

English from the Roots Up Vol 1  Cards          - I'm hoping this really helps with SAT Prep                                                                                

Literature - We are focusing on American Lit this year and reading:

We will use the free teachers guides from Penguin for Of Mice and Men, The Crucible and Call of the Wild.  (For your reference there are a ton of FREE Penguin Literature guides Here. )

Spanish 2
Power Homeschool/Acellus

History - 
Mystery of History Vol 1 Ancients & Vol 2 Renaissance 

To be honest I'm not really sure what to do entirely do with World History. I had planned on two years to dive in but I'm hearing that that we should do two years of American history. So for now we will study at an accelerated pace to be sure to cover at least the first two books. This should be fairly easy since there are only 3 reading lessons a week and my son will easily do 5+ a week for that. Also we will pick one activity a week to complete (most likely a paper.)

Science -

Acellus/Powerhomeschool Biology
Science Shepard Biology - we have the first edition to this book and what I plan on doing is having my son read through the text and complete all of the microscope labs as well as watching the lab DVD. He will do all his testing through Acellus but will receive grades for the labs, keeping a notebook and reading the textbook. (I feel like this will give him the FULLEST course for biology.)

Bible -

Scripture Memory
Daily bible reading
50 People Every Christian Should know

This will take up the first half of the year and I'm hoping to talk to my Pastor soon for additional book recommendations to study as well.


SAT Prep Math from Power homeschool/Acellus 
Geography from Power homeschool/acellus
Electrical technology - Power homeschool/ Acellus

If we have time which I think we will because we should finish some of the electives before Christmas I hope to cover Logic. I think this is a pretty ambitious but achievable year. My son has big plans of getting into a specific college and I want to ensure he is successful.

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