Tuesday, August 14, 2018

2nd Grade Picks for Homeschool 2018-19

 I don't think there will be many surprises here with what we are doing for 2nd grade. We had such a solid and fun year with Memoria Press for 1st grade that we are continuing with almost the complete core for 2nd. I'm not subbing in much this year (last year I added some history with Abeka) because I feel like it is very complete if you do all the enrichment.

In addition to the bookwork I will continue adding seasonal crafts, library books and activities. We do mastersclub at church and a nursing home ministry once a month. Our local homeschool group has sports, field trips and craft parties. I think I'm getting excited to start! 

Our Picks for 2nd Grade:

Memoria Press 2nd Grade Package (minus Math)

This includes their literature, spelling, Prima Latina (yes we are going to attempt Latin!!), copywork, bible and Enrichment. The Enrichment covers science and history plus there is a little science built in the core with patterns of nature from rod and staff. There is also art memorization and music selections. I cannot speak highly enough about this curriculum and the sweetness of the learning with it. I feel like we are exposed to so many great things through it.

2nd Grade Read Alouds 

I purchased all of the Memoria Press 2nd grade read alouds. This is the core of the enrichment and really adds so much to our week. I bought them mostly used on Thrift books.  ((One a side note I get a good chunk of the science read alouds from the library because we cannot afford both sets.)

Simply Classical Writing Bible

I decided to add this because it looks so sweet and I think it will really help solidify grammar and writing. It is extra but we will do it slowly over the year.

Simply Classical Me, Myself and Others

While my son is not special needs the Memoria Press Simply Classical curriculum has some amazing products that I felt we couldn't miss. We are adding this because it touches on health and manner which will be a great reminder for my son.  To implement this fully there are read alouds that are a separate purchase. We actually owned all but one between 1st and 2nd grade books so we will get to revisit some of the books we've read again.

Core skills Phonics 3

We've used books K,1, and 2 with the previous years and I liked having them so I'm going to add this along. It is not scheduled in 2nd grade so this is of course just extra.

Abeka 2nd grade Math ( student & teacher)

In previous years we used horizons and that worked well for us but honestly the teacher manual stinks. They put all the worksheets in it so you have to pull them out plus some need copies. Then the teacher guide doesn't really tell you how to teach a topic which is fine if it all comes easy but venturing into multiplication and division I would like a little more assistance. So we are switching to Abeka. It looks similar but the teacher guide seems a bit more like what I would like. They just revamped it for 2018 so the whole thing is on backorder right now. Hoping it comes by the end of September when we will need it. 

 So that is a wrap. I'm not sure how latin will go. To be honest that is the one thing we will drop if it doesn't work out for us. I've heard so many great things about it that I'm willing to give a go for the a few weeks. Wish me luck!!!

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