Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Sacrifices of Homeschooling

 When homeschooling moms talk about homeschooling we tend to wear rose colored glasses and share all the beautiful parts. Truly there are some wonderful moments like being the one to teach your child to read and to see when it finally clicks. (That was a great moment!) If I'm being honest there is are some hardships and parts that are not so wonderful.

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Loss of Friends

When we set out on this journey we lost most of our private school friends (both the kids and I.) The fact is that most of these friendships just faded away because we didn't see each other on a regular basis. It was a bit of a lonely time though. We were in different places in our lives with us home and our new path. Eventually that balanced out and we made new friends (both the kids and I) but that took time.

Loss of  Mommy-Time

I know how could I say this! How can I be so selfish to want a little bit of me time. Well it wasn't so much that I wanted to be alone but it was those impromptu lunch dates with my Aunt or the coffee mornings with my girlfriends I missed. It was lunch time being quick to it changing to an elaborate meal for 5! Things changed and I adapted but that first year was a bit rough.

Clean House

I had these crazy ideas that if we homeschooled the house would be spotless! (I SERIOUSLY JUST LAUGHED OUT LOUD ABOUT THIS ONE!!) The truth is with people home all the time there is always something to be cleaned, dishes to be done, and floors that need sweeping. Laundry was always an issue here and I feel like it doubled which makes no sense since we don't have uniforms anymore but it is a fact!

Loss of Money

Homeschooling cost money. We are in the house all day so our electric, gas and water bills all went up. Lunches are not as cheap since we are not packing for school so the food bill also went up. Then there are field trips, curriculum all have a cost. Another thing is loss of income. It is really hard to homeschool and work an outside job. (I know many do but I do not feel like I could do that with my littles at this time in life.)

The Mystery of History Series


This one is hard for me to write about but frankly some family members don't like the idea of us homeschooling. It strains the relationship. Thankfully our close family members support us, so we really don't have to deal with this but I know so many do.

 Now I hope this post doesn't come off as a whiny complaining thing. I truly feel blessed to have my boys home and have this grand adventure of homeschooling. Going into our 7th year of homeschooling I love the lifestyle and could not imagine any other path for us. I might have "sacrificed" things to do this but I surely gained so much more!

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