Tuesday, October 16, 2018


 I was introduced to Sukey Molloy years ago with her dvds Sukey's Circle. They are amazing dvds and just like having a preschool teacher in your home. I've always loved the sweet way that Sukey talks to children and this cd - Five Little Oysters! - brings that same sweetness to classic children songs. Introducing my children to music has always been some thing I've really enjoyed. We sing often in our home and the CD player is always playing. I get so much joy when we are driving in the car and I hear my little one singing on his own in the back seat. I love hearing my favorite songs from him.

Five Little Oysters includes many classic songs like Do Your Ears Hang Low and She'll Be Coming! The lyrics shine in these tracks with fun background music and the occasional appropriate sound (a train chugging or an animal calling.) I love the selections chosen and the arrangements. There are three story tracks on this album and three books that go along with it. Between the classic songs and originals this album is delightful!


There are certain songs that should be part of the childhood experience for every child. With her new album Five Little Oysters!, Sukey Molloy turns tradition upside down, shining a new light of fun, fun, fun on this classic repertoire with updated lyrics, a seemingly endless flow of irrepressibly humorous sound effects, and many delightful punctuations from the percussion department guaranteed to produce a parade of giggles. All of this hilarity is imbued with the magic of the up-close, cheery, participatory style that has become Sukey's calling card. 


It's Raining It's Pouring
Do Your Ears Hang Low
The Sun Shines On My Body
The Ants Go Marching
Five Little Oysters
If I Were A Cat
She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain
This Old Man
Sunny & Tick Tock Went Out One Day
I've Been Working On The Railroad
Kitten Dance
Simple Gifts
The Story Of Little Flame In The Attic

One lucky reader will win a copy of Five Little Oysters by Sukey Molloy! 

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