Thursday, May 9, 2019

Book Review: The Big Book Of Less & Know Yourself

 We recently packed up our tiny 1000 square foot house and I was amazed at home much stuff we had. We had to make trips to the home improvement store several times to purchase boxes to store it all. Sadly, even with thinning it out there was just so much stuff. From homeschooling, to family photos, baby books and decor. It was a lot. I'm curious how people can live a minimalist lifestyle in this modern world. Just one trip to target makes me think I must have the entire dollar section.

What I realized when all was said and done was all this stuff was heavy. It weighed me down. Emotionally and physically. My home was cluttered and I didn't even know half of what I had. In our new home we have purposed to only add things that bring joy. Not to add to the clutter and not to just spend money. We spend more time outdoors just being and it is so much lighter!

The Big Book of Less: Finding Joy in Living Lighter is a prefect starting point to work on those areas in life that bring you down. To help loosen the heaviness. This book is interactive and has mini activities included ( a tiny fold-out house and even a decluttering book!) 


From Flow, a beautiful, mindful guide to having less stuff. Less stress. Less distraction. Less everything.

In less comes the freedom of letting go. This thoughtful and surprising book shows us how to get there, by paring down not just the jumble of things around us, but the clutter in our heads, too. And to help, interact with special paper goodies, including a one-thought-a-day diary, a foldout tiny house to let you imagine the pleasures of living in a small and cozy space, and art posters that depict a beautiful picture of what it means to do less, not more.

Paper goodies from The Big Book of Less include:
  • 2 journals
  • A dot journal poster
  • 4 art posters
  • 1 foldout tiny house with 20 accessories
  • And even more hidden treasures

Decluttering your life and mind makes room for more—more listening, more focus, more wisdom, more time. More life.

A companion "Flow Book" from authors Irene Smit & Astrid Van Der Hulst - Know Yourself: A Book of Questions is a reflective book to ask yourself big truths. I plan to bring this with me to one of my homeschooling mom nights. I think it would be fun for each of us to have a notebook and write down our answers. A few of the questions:

how would you fill your days if you could do anything you wanted to?

do you prefer to work on your own or with others?

are you kind to yourself?


 Part-book, part-game, this collection of 165 insightful questions is a fun, surprising path to deeper self-knowledge.

What do you think about before you fall asleep?

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?

When have you stood up for yourself?

Questions to inspire you to reflect, questions to reveal memories and ideas, questions to tap into your sense of adventure, and questions to point the way to your inner strength. This whimsical illustrated collection presents a wonderfully unexpected way to learn more about yourself, a friend, or a loved one. Best of all, there are no right answers—only the imperative to stay curious, honest, and open.


I loved both of these books because they both are meeting me in a time where I'm open to personal growth and reflection. While they are somewhat project books I think I'm ready to see even more light in my life. 

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