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3rd Grade Curriculum Choices! 2019-2020 Home School Year.

 Truth be told I planned out our homeschool curriculum choices  for 3rd grade months ago. The problem with sharing it with you all is that we were no where near finished with 2nd due to some major life changes. However I'm happy to say we are just about finished up with most of our 2nd grade work and plan to officially dive in 3rd grade around the 2nd week of October. We will still be finishing up some things from previous years (handwriting and the last few lessons of Latin) but we are calling it 3rd and moving ahead.

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Our main core - Memoria Press 3rd Grade Curriculum Kit

Memoria Press

For our main core we use a box curriculum. Box curriculum are wonderful because they are all laid out for you. You usually get a teachers manual that you can check off what you've completed. It makes things very simple when your trying to make sure you've taught all the things. We've been with Memoria Press now since kindergarten with my 3rd son and I just love this curriculum. I have no complaints at all and my son has also really enjoyed school. It has a nice balance of hands on activities and read alouds in the younger years - although 3rd grade does cut down on the hands on - but no worries we still do them on our own. Plus you will see I've added some additional things to our year.

I do switch things up as far as swapping my math/spelling in my core but at Memoria Press they are so helpful with customizing for each student. I recommend always calling them if your switching things around because they will give you a package discount if you order enough of the core as well as the curriculum guide.

From the main 3rd grade core we will be using:

Latina Christiana - the complete set. I think I'm most looking forward to this next level of language as we loved Prima Latina. (It was our favorite class last year!)

English Grammar - which includes the workbook and flashcards.

Core Skills Language Arts 3

Third Grade Literature set + Poetry Set.

Greek Myths

Christian Studies I

For Science we will be using the Mammals Set.

50 States Set with a 50 States Sticker book

We will also be doing the read alouds. *PRO TIP* I ordered most of these off of thrift books. The others I got at used book sales and I was graciously given the entire history set by a friend passing them on!! (Thank you!!!) You can also utilize your local library for all of these books! The order reading them isn't as important so you can shuffle around based on availability. 

 3rd Pictures books - I will read these to J-man

 3rd History Independent readers - J-man will tackle these on his own

3rd Read alouds - I will read these aloud

For spelling and handwriting we will be using the 2nd grade materials that we did not finish 

Traditional Spelling 2
Copybook II

Memoria Press is rather different for 3rd grade. A lot of what we have is spread over two years. So half in 3rd and half in 4th. Greek Myths, Latin, 50 States, Mammals, Grammar and Christian Studies are all continued in 4th. I'm not sure I'll quite do it that way with Greek Myths, 50 States or Mammals. I'm going to see if my child is really interested and perhaps finish in one year to make room for some other stuff I'd like to tackle in the upcoming years. 

Now because I'm all kinds of extra. I've switched things up a little with composition. I swapped out for Winning With Writing. We are starting on level 2 but will probably make it possibly into level 3 mid year. We shall see. This year is very ambitious and I don't want to burn my student out!

Winning With Writing

On top of all of this I have a few masterbooks curriculum we are adding as well. My son really likes these and we started level two for both so we will keep going with these to the end. For the language arts we don't do every page as we already have spelling. I am just using it as independent reinforcement pages with our core language arts. As for Science I just knew he would love it and he has so far. It is light and he can work on a few pages a week happily. 

God's Design - Life for beginners 
(they have a higher level but I knew this one would not burn my son out so I specifically chose this level. However check out the other level if your student is more advanced!)

Language Lessons for a Living Education - this series is simply wonderful. If your looking for an all inclusive easy on the go workbook, seriously check this out. My son really enjoys it so far. 

America's Story 1

I plan to spread this out over 2 years. I feel like this will really compliment the 50 states curriculum we are doing with memoria press. I like the idea of a workbook for a quick lesson as well. 

We will also be adding lots of hands on stuff with crafts, science experiments (I scored some cheap kits at target over the summer!)

I have a composition notebook filled with writing prompts we will be doing daily as well.

For Math we will continue with Horizons and practicing Musical Multiplication from The Good and the Beautiful.

We will continue to go over our Art Cards from Memoria Press as well since we love this and we have not memorized all 3 levels. 

Have you stuck with me to the end? I know it is a lot! I'm really excited to dive into the next level of learning with my son. 

Quick break down of what I posted above:

Language Arts:
 English Grammar
 Core Skills Language Arts 3 
 Third Grade Literature set + Poetry Set
 Traditional Spelling 2

Copybook II
 Winning With Writing

Classical Studies:
 Latina Christiana
 Greek Myths 
 Christian Studies I


Musical Multiplication 

 God's Design - Life for beginners 
 Mammals Set


50 States Set 
50 States Sticker book 
 America's Story 1
Memoria Press History Read Alouds

Art Cards
Memoria Press 3rd Grade Picture books
Memoria Press 3rd grade Read Alouds

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