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Holiday Gift Guide: Junior Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set from Timberdoodle!

Before I started on my path of homeschooling I didn't really understand all the ins and outs of children's development and learning. I had gotten super lucky with my oldest two. Learning comes effortlessly for both of them. They seem to have photographic memories on top of their above average intelligence. I'm not boasting I'm actually trying to explain how the process changed me when we get to kids 3 and 4. My oldest children could learn any which way. They didn't like hands on activities and they preferred to read material or watch. So I could give them a book and they would absorb it all. Then came my third son. He loves hands on activities. He is arty and creative. He showed me so many ways we could really expand our learning ideas. My youngest threw another curve-ball. He isn't as fast of a learner as the other kids. What they did at 2 he is doing at just 4. And that's OKAY, he is academically on time and on level but I had to change my approach again. 

I read somewhere that doing a letter of the week with little kids isn't ideal anymore. So I went with that concept with my youngest and boy do I regret it. Once I started back with each letter getting lots of love through activities and worksheets - basically tons of exposure all week, things started sticking. This is wonderful I finally have a plan after six months of little success. However I need OTHER things to do with him as we will not be flying through curriculum like I had originally thought. We will be taking this preschool year to really cement letters but I needed more fun activities to round out his school day (which is about 20 minutes.)

When Timberdoodle offered up Junior Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set for review, I knew he would love it! It was the perfect tool to bring out every week and work on colors, sorting, counting and patterns.

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 about the product:

Junior Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set
Odd as it sounds, research indicates that early math skills are a better predictor of academic success than early reading skills. Junior Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set makes math accessible to toddlers as young as 18 months. Sort, stack, and sequence by size with these tactile-pleasing smooth, rubbery pebbles. Perfect for developing fine motor skills and creative design, Junior Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set comes with large activity cards to create toddler-friendly building structures, patterns, and pictures.

An outstanding early mathematics manipulative, Junior Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set includes 36 pebbles in 3 shapes and six colors, with eight double-sided laminated activity cards.


  • 36 pebbles in 3 shapes and 6 bright colors
  • 8 double-sided laminated activity cards

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     How We Used It:

    First we pulled out the activity mats and used the different pebbles to complete the pages. The mats range in difficulty and are double sided and sturdy. The pebbles are lightweight (not rock material.) I would ask him to pick certain colors and the different shapes. The next way we played was working on sequences. This was an area we were struggling with but Junior Rainbow Pebbles was the exact tool we needed to help my son visual patterns. Just simply saying the order of the colors and asking him what comes next was exactly what he needed. Counting was a natural companion to working on patterns. Lastly, I gave him some time with free play just stacking and building. He really enjoyed all the different ways we used this set.

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     My Thoughts:

    I really liked the quality of this product. I expected the pebbles to be hard but was pleasantly surprised by the rubbery texture. I think it made them very pleasing to touch especially with the weight of them. It came with enough planned activity mats to get you started and then there is enough free-play activities you can easily add. My son really liked playing with them and the added bonus of seeing patterns for the first time makes this a winner for me. We will continue adding this activity into our rotation of hands on toys. Junior Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set is part of the 2019 Tiny Tots Curriculum Kit.

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