Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Thinking About Homeschooling?

 Homeschooling can be a wonderful alternative to traditional school. There is great flexibility with schedules and learning styles. We are finishing up our 8th year of homeschooling. I have one son graduated and one just about to. They didn't start out as homeschoolers they started out in private Christian school but God led us to bring them home and it has been an wonderful family experience. Our younger two have always homeschooled. Next school year we will have a 4th grader and preschooler. 

Many times I get asked how do I have the patience. To be honest because we've always done this lifestyle with the younger two it is much easier. They didn't know anything other than school at home. I set the expectations and they know what is required. My older two sometimes gave me bad attitudes or didn't complete assignments on time. Ultimately for them they had to come to realize homeschooling is a family partnership. Once they had that mindset it was smooth sailing.

So where do you start? First know that homeschooling is legal in all 50 states. Each state has their own laws and requirements. I have found the HSLDA to be a great asset in finding out what my state required. I also recommend getting in touch with local friends who homeschool and local groups. Most homeschooling Moms are happy to help you learn the ins and outs of your state and even help with curriculum. 

As the world stays in chaos I think most people are considering homeschooling this fall. Mask, social distancing and longer commutes don't really jive with younger students. I can tell you that the type of schooling that happened under quarantine was not what I was doing with my kids. We had our normal schedule which is free time in the morning, lunch, nature walk then school at the dining room table. We had books and no online classes. It was a little different as we had to skip our normal park time, play-dates, homeschool get together, sports and even our nursing home visits.  I am hopeful those will come back in the fall as we really missed having that time with our friends. (SEE homeschoolers do socialize! )

Are you planning on homeschooling this fall?

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