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Homeschooling Blog Hop DAY 3 - How To Find The Right Curriculum
















 The truth there is no magic formula in finding the right curriculum. In fact you might think you have it all figured out and it might end up not being a great fit. I know that is not the advice you were looking for when you stumbled on this blog post but it has happened to even us seasoned homeschooling mommas.

So what advice can I give.

Do Research

Look at the websites of the curriculum program your thinking about. Find external reviews on blogs like this one. Join a facebook community for that company or a general homeschooling group and ask. Ask your homeschooling friends what they think. Look at samples of the product on multiple sites (there might be different chapters shown.) 

Does It Match Your Child's Learning Style

This is a big one. If your kid won't sit for one book don't expect a literature based curriculum to be the best choice. By finding your child's learning style you can make a better decision if something will be a good fit.

Be Prepared To Scrap It

Feel that freeing feeling of dropping something that really doesn't work. Don't feel like you have to "get your money's worth" or you have to "endure it." It is perfectly acceptable to not finish a curriculum and find something that is a better fit.

I highly recommend looking on three resources for curriculum. The ACTUAL manufactures website. These usually have the best samples. While there sign up for their catalog and emails so you don't miss out on and deals. this is one of my favorite places to order. I can usually snag free shipping so that is a big plus for me. Rainbow Resources this is another company that often has a nice sample of the curriculum to look at and sometimes much better prices.

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