Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finally found it!

I've been yardsaling all summer looking for a cassette tape box to hold my stamp pads. I saw on the cricut message boards that was what people were using and I instantly knew I wanted one too! I've heard they hold the stampin up pads quite well. I don't actually have the stampin up ink pads as of yet but I plan on starting soon.
I spent $2 on this wood box. The only problem is that the slots don't go all the way to the back. Hope it doesn't matter with the stampin up pads but it means it wasn't a cassette holder originally. No worries I will make it work!! :D I am just so excited to have finally found something and for it to be in such good condition!


  1. What a neat find and a bargain to boot. Did you try turning the stamp pad sideways ?? I think that is how the tapes were stored also.

  2. Oops, I didn't get to finish LOL The Cassette went in sideways so you could read the title off of the spine of the case. You can get stickers from Stampin up that have the colors of the pads on them, stick it to the side of the pad and stick the pad in sideways. You can now read the names of the colors of all of your pads. I am sure this is a cassette tape box. I used to have one and gave it away years ago. I sure wish I had mine back.

  3. I don't this this particular box is a cassette holder but it works for my purposes. There is a hole in the back behind the slat shelfs.... dh thinks it was a letter sorter?? LOL!


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