Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

What a Wonderful year!!

We introduced our newest son to the mix! He was born Nov 3rd at 7.2 pounds. Cute as a button. We named him Jace Andrew.

This is him at 6 weeks old. His older brothers just loved him to pieces!!

Now it is a New Year. I haven't really done much with crafting since finding out I was pregnant. So glad to not feel sick any more and to be getting back to normal. My scrapbooking has piled up since I was not doing any crafting at all.

Crafting Goals 2011
1. Do at least 100 layouts
2. Finish my Wild Card series (I only have a few left)
3. Post at least one project a week on my craft blog.
4. Use everyone of my cricut carts at least once this year.
5. Learn 3 new tricks or crafting type things this year

So what are you goals for crafting this year?

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  1. LISA!!! I was wondering where you were =)
    Congrats on your beautiful baby boy...he is sooooooo adorable!!!!!!
    Good luck on all your crafty goals...mine are to get my Etsy up and running and to start scrapbooking again...dont feel bad...I am 6 YEARS behind =)



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