Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Children's Homer: The Adventures of Odysseus and The Tale of Troy

The Children's Homer: The Adventures of Odysseus and The Tale of Troy

Well, I decided to order this book to add to our homeschool History lesson on Homer.  We had already read about the Trojan War so I thought they would find it interesting.  The oldest said, " Ehhh."  He was not thrilled but he did sit still and listen.  He was also able to answer questions so I know he didn't mind it.  My middle thought it was really cool. The thing is I enjoyed it!  I sorta knew what was going to happen even though I had never really read anything Homer in my high school.  (I didn't even read the required readings let alone branch out - all I read back then were romance novels lol!)  It took awhile to get through this book even though it was a short book.  The problem were all the Greek names.  They killed us!  I was reading it aloud and it was a bit difficult to have some of the countries and people's names roll off the tongue.  What I think the kid's really liked was how we had already read the Percy Jackson books 1 & 2 so this story had all the same places in it.  It was fun to relate and discuss the two for sure.  

Anyways if you kid's like adventure I say give it a try.  If anything it will prepare them for the harder stuff when they get into the high school years. 

So homeschoolers what is your current read aloud together book?

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