Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Re-Sale Group RANT!

I belong to a number of resale groups on facebook.  One for local junk people want to get rid of.  Another I run myself for local kid's only stuff.  My favorite are the homeschooling types that sell off used curriculum.  The thing that burns me up is that the people on there put their prices at what it cost for new!  Why would I buy something used when I can get it new?  You might have animals, smoking or anything else stinking up your used stuff so why not make the price competitive!

Guidelines for RESALE groups:

  • 30% off new prices if in new condition.  NEW not almost new!
  • 50% off for like new condition or gently used
  • 75% off if there is any defect.  You've used up some of it or it is incomplete 

  • Don't buy if overpriced - it just drives the prices HIGHER! 
  • Check your prices! Be sure you are getting a deal!

  • Price to sell!
  • Take pictures, answer questions and generally be around to respond.
  • Be willing to make a deal for shipping or cost if someone buys a lot.

These are just some general guidelines because you actually want to get rid of this stuff.  Remember you are not going to get your full price but you can re-coop some of your initial cost.  Keep in mind you have used this product/stuff a bit before selling so you should consider depreciation value.  Think about your car - if you buy new off the lot and want to resell the next day.  You are going to take a loss.  Same idea only you have probably used the for sale items for a lot longer.

Credit:  Photo from Flickr.

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  1. Thanks for the guidelines, I'm never sure what markdown I'm required to put on. Thanks again


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