Monday, December 30, 2013

Savings Plan for the New Year!

Have you seen this image floating around facebook/blog/pinterest?  I saw it and knew I wanted to share it with you!  It is a fantastic idea!  Starting with baby steps will help with greater success in the New Year. 

So what is the premises?  Just like in the graphic you deposit a certain amount each calendar week.  Starting with just $1 the first week. 

If you start with just one dollar you won't feel the pinch! 

I've seen other people mention they might start with the higher money and work backwards!  That is a decent plan too because around Christmas time you'll be depositing just a tiny bit each week. 

At the end of the 52 weeks there will be a  BIG reward!  $1378! 

If you noticed you are depositing exactly the amount of the week so week 7 is $7 and week 30 is $30 so you won't get confused either!!

So who is joining along with me!!

*Disclaimer:  I did not create this image but found it floating around the internet.  No idea the original origins.  *

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