Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Homeschooling Preschool 2015-16 School Year

We have done preschool with our littlest guy the past two years.  Most of that was play time but last year we did do Horizons for 3s  and Sonlight Preschool.  Both were a big success!  Jace learned to love reading with Sonlight and enjoyed all the worksheets provided by Sonlight.

This year we will be doing the next level in each of these!

Horizon Preschool

Sonlight Pre-K 

The reason we are extending Preschool for Jace is two-fold.  First he won't be 5 until November so he would miss the cutoff for traditional school and going to kindergarten.  Second, we will be having a new baby in November and I want to make sure we leave room for adjustment. I don't want to start something hardcore like kindergarten math and then have to take a big break (we will be taking the bulk of our time off in November/December) instead of this summer.

Have you been doing any planning for the next school year?  I will be sharing our plans for 10th and 8th in upcoming post. 

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