Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Baby Update! 27 Weeks!

We are still cooking our little boy! I'm am now 27 weeks! This time is flying by! I've never gone to the full 40 weeks so baby will be here in 12 weeks or LESS!  EEK!

Last week I had an anatomy scan.  You go more often when your *ahem* Advanced Maternal Age. (Just LOVING that term!) This time they were checking the face because they couldn't get see it last time.  Thankfully baby boy cooperated this time because I have some awesome pictures to share with you!

 If your like me you might have trouble figuring out what your looking at - this is the face - sort of looks like a skeleton, those are his hands up by his face. 

This is the profile shot.  Looks like he has a nice sized nose! 

Every thing looked great with baby. I'm now having to go every two weeks for my regular check ups.  Time is flying - possibly too fast! We have very little set up for this baby. Just some clothes, he will be sharing a room with us and then his big brother (our youngest) at some point. We still need to get all that sorted. Most likely purge some furniture to make room. I know it will all happen in time but I'm getting a little anxious to have it done before fall.  

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