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I'm happy to share with you a fun review we've been enjoying.  sent us the movie Theo to watch.  The site - is a Christian based online video store. They have movies in all genres for all ages. From Romance to kids to biblical to hot new box office releases - they really do have something for everyone. Their website even includes a statement of faith. Review

For this review we were graciously given the movie Theo: God's Love.  This is the first volume in this series. All of the Theo DVDs feature the tag line - Teaching Children God's Word and that is the mission of the films. Our DVD included three lessons which were approximately 9 minutes each.

  • Lesson One - Saving Faith
  • Lesson Two - Loving Obedience
  • Lesson Three- Forgiveness

additional features:  

  • Bonus episode - The Good News!
  • Animation Basics with Len Simon
  • A chate with the creator of Theo - Mike Joens
  • Parent's Guide - a 3 week family bible study that includes scripture references, discussion questions, family activity and nightly devotions

This movie was perfect for my 5 year old. I love having resources like this to reinforce our church lessons and family devotions. I had him watch the video with me.

In lesson 1, Theo shares Abraham and Sarah's story. He tells us how Abraham trusted God's promises and how he lived a faithful life to to the Lord. In the end God blessed the couple with a son - just like promised.

In the second lesson we explore biblical obedience. Using Jonah's story, Theo shares how God loved Jonah even though he didn't obey God. Then how Jonah decides to be thrown into the see to show his obedience and ends up going to Ninevah.

The third lesson was on forgiving. Using the bible story of the debtor who's lender had great compassion and forgave him of a huge debt. That debtor then went and demanded what he was owed from the person he lent to.  He did not show the same compassion and the story reached the great man who had forgiven him and he ended up with major consequences for his actions. God is the great forgiver and He forgave us a debt we could NEVER repay - because of this we need to be forgiving of others.

Our thoughts:

This DVD was truly a sweet video to watch. I'm so happy to have it to share with my five year old son. We talk about the stories from the bible and concepts like forgiveness, obedience and having faith but seeing them in action on the screen really gives him the full picture. In the DVDs two adorable mice who are friends of Theo - Luther and Belfrey - learn all about the lessons. They have some antics and are enjoyable to watch but in the end they always learn to do right.

My favorite part of this DVD is how Theo shares salvation. Ultimately this is the most important part because without salvation God can't work on changing hearts. That is the goal of our family - to see our boys saved and learning to live for God with the end goal of living for God without us telling them to but them doing it because they love God.

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