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Memoria Press 9th Grade Literature Review

 We are a rather eclectic homeschooling family. We love to include all kinds of learning into our classroom. That said I love the Classical Education model and we have used that approach with several subjects. Memoria Press is a big name in Classical Christian Education for homeschoolers. In fact Memoria Press has been our go to for Greek, middle school History and reading. I was so excited to get the opportunity to review their  Ninth Grade Literature Guide Set   with my second son.

What We Received:

Which is 9th Grade Literature Teacher and Student guides for the following books:

  • Sir Gawain and The Green Knight
  • Beowulf
  • The Canterbury Tales
  • Henry V

The teacher guide for each set includes everything the student has plus all the answers and teaching materials. The students guide is a consumable workbook.  This is a years worth of literature.

We provided the novels for the literature sets however, Memoria Press offers a complete grade set that includes the novels needed. (I would recommend this so that you get the right version of the book because they do refer to page numbers in the guides. So it will be more seamless that way. Each guide set calls for a specific novel version.)

What We Did:

For this review I had my 8th grader who is close to the end of 8th work pick his choice of guides to start with. All of the literature guides have a 'bit of give' as far as grade levels and we could have gone up or down a grade easily. We chose to go up a grade because my son had read several of the books in the other grades and was excited to visit new novels.

He choose Beowulf to begin with. This is where I jump in and tell you a tale about this particular title. I was supposed to read this book myself in high school but never did. It just didn't interest me at all. I mean monsters and battles, kings and heroes. So I decided I would read the portions out loud to my 13 year old then have him re-read them so he could do the physical work. I'm SOOOOO glad I did! This was a fantastic title to start with and the story is so much fun! Like I mentioned before the hero Beowulf has epic battles and it is very intense and wonderful to read.  This is a perfect title for any adventure loving kid.

In Beowulf's the novel is broken down into three sections (and so is the student guide.) We read the first section and then Alexander worked on the workbook pages. There is vocabulary, comprehension and a writing activity. This is a complete course for the book. There is not a set schedule included so we just did a bit of work each day. He had no problems completing any of it. This is how we did each of the sections. My son found the sing-song poetry style writing to be easy to listen to aloud but to retain what was happening he did have to read it himself as well. The book itself was rather short and each section only took maybe 20 minutes to read.

Our thoughts:

First off we both loved Beowulf. Who knew! I loved this selection and I'm looking forward to starting Canterbury Tales next. Classical Education believes in amazing books to create a complete and excellent education and I can see by the titles Memoria Press  choose for their literature guides that they've put thought into what students will enjoy as well as what they will get out of reading and working on the title. As a parent, I like how complete all of these sets are. It really is grab and go style which is exactly what I need having 3 other children including a baby.  I read this title aloud to my son but the future titles he will be reading by himself - this curriculum is very much independent but you could easily adapt like I did for Beowulf.

The Crew reviewed several levels of Literature from Memoria Press. Click on the Banner Below to see their thoughts! 

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

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