Monday, January 15, 2018

Senior Year Update!

January always feels like a halfway mark when it comes to our school year. This year is so different because we have a Senior and graduation is on the horizon. I'm happy with the progress we have made. My oldest is really buckling down and showing maturity along with excitement to complete his school years.

We are just about finished Notgrass Exploring Government . We did not do all of the novels but all of the lessons are done. Just a paper and final exam and we will be complete! Next up is Economics!

~ My sons really loved this course. They have said that History has been their favorite since switching to Notgrass. They love the way the student text is written. I was amazed when we were quizzing my oldest because he retained almost everything he read. He has gained a wonderful knowledge of the Constitution and Amendments with this course. We highly recommend it!

We are moving right along with  Guest Hollow Physics  (This is another area where my kids really love doing their work and learning. I honestly wish we had found this curriculum in 9th because I feel like we would have learned so much more than with the traditional curriculum we used prior. I love that I don't have to remind my kids to do Science this year - they love the style of learning and happily get right to work on this course.)

We are also still using:

Reading Comp, Word Roots and Health will be finished soon. I think Stewardship is the one we are struggling to find time to fit in. I know we will get it done and it is an excellent course it is just a busy day with a Senior, Sophomore and first grader as well as the toddler who likes to get into trouble all day long.

We have officially dropped Algebra 2 with Math U See and I am exploring other options right now using Khan Academy. My son has Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Geometry already and will have Stewardship for his transcript so it isn't about needing a math to complete. I just wish we could find something that inspired him with Math and didn't break the budget at this point. So for now Khan will be helping us.

We have added SAT Prep as well to get him ready to take the test again this Spring. So far he will be using KHAN Academy for that and I have a book along with the some study stuff I purchased from the SAT site.

Lastly, he has finally decided on a Foreign Language! It is really going to be tight to get through 1 year in just a few months but he is also challenging himself to get through year 2. We shall see if that happens. We are using for part of this and I have 3 separate courses here that I'm compiling into that work. The goal is vocabulary and grammar to be the main focus.

So that is our half a year update for the Senior. My sophomore stayed pretty much exactly the same as we planned out. I feel like I need to add an elective but I haven't really figured one out yet for him. I plan on updating for first in a separate post!

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