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5 Keys To An Organized Home - A Home Organization Blog Hop!

I am no expert on home organization. I remember when my husband and I first started talking about homeschooling. I actually said to him that one of the pluses would be a better/well kept home! Bahahah! I think it actually got harder as we are home ALL.THE.TIME! It is hard to keep up when you finish one room and a adorable 3 year old tornado has kept himself occupied destroying the next room!

As we start our 8th year of homeschooling I have a few tips that have really saved me and helped me keep our lives better organized

I'm joining in with Timberdoodle's Home Organization Blog Hop for this post!

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5 Keys To An Organized Home


I know. You've heard it a million times. Marie Kondo has a whole series on Netflix showing you to toss everything that doesn't bring you joy (she doesn't understand my love of books AT ALL!) However there is a lot of truth here. If you haven't used it in 2+ years you probably won't. Instead of holding on to it maybe borrow if you need it in the future. Clothing, honestly be brutal. Donate all those things that just sit and you don't wear. Cut the kids clothing your saving to the stuff you really love. The joy you will feel when your not drowning in unnecessary stuff is amazing. The pluses are that you can donate or giveaway to friends which is very rewarding or even sell some stuff off to do something fun! We moved recently and we got rid of a ton but we still need to do more. It is hard to do but so rewarding!

Enlist Everyone To Help

This is a huge one for me. I talk to moms all the time that tell me their teens do nothing. I just can't fathom having a lazy kid. My kids all know my saying - we work together so we can relax together. Everyone from 12 up knows how to make basic meals and do most of the cleaning of the house. This way if I need someone to do a load of towels they are completely able to without my assistance. It really comes in handy when we are having a party or people over as my older teens know the straightening up routine. Plus it makes for a happier Momma, as I'm not stuck cleaning all day. The way we do it everyone needs maybe 30 minutes to clean/straighten. The big thing we are doing now is getting the 8 year old involved since he is capable of much more this year. 

Stop Buying

This is the hardest one for me. I feel like I'm bombarded with things we need when I am out at the store. I love fall and all the decorating. I love the fall scents. I just want like 74 bath and body works candles and hand soaps in those scents. I see a clearance rack at target and I'm tempted to buy the little kids a whole wardrobe for next year. And don't get me started on thrift stores. It is a big temptation to continually bring new things in the house but I've really cut down on that. I rarely allow myself to linger around stores like Target. I avoid that dollar section like the plague. I'm trying to cut it all down. The biggest plus is that I'm spending less which is helpful for the budget!

Give Everything A Place

When we moved I really focused on our closets and cabinets being organized. I bought bins and containers to fit washcloths and towels in our linen closet. I have a shoe rack at the door to have all the shoes set in place. When things have a permanent place it is easy to see what is out of place and remedy it. 

Don't Let Mail Pile Up

This is perhaps the hardest area to organize. The key is to deal with it daily and immediately. For me, all junk mail gets tossed immediately in the recycle bin. I have a rack for magazines and sales ads I'm keeping that I go through monthly to toss the old ones. Bills go in a cubicle in my secretary. I do not let this pile up by attending to it daily and purging monthly. Having an organized way of paying my bills has helped me really keep this in check. I have a little file folder and I file away as I pay them. 

I hope these tips help you as you organize your homes! It is always a work in progress here! Leave me a comment with your best home organization tip!

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