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IndoctriNation DVD #REVIEW

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I am so excited about my first Crew Review to A Rup Life for 2015.  This is an exciting product and a great way to kick off another fantastic year! I was sent  IndoctriNation  on DVD by  Great Commission Films .

About the film:

This film is about the role of Christians in the public school with a focus on the decline of Christianity and the role public schools played in that.   It provides a history of public education and shows the shifts in thinking along the way.  This movie will have you rethinking the statement - "not my school".  Colin Gunn a homeschooling dad, takes you on a road trip as he gets to the heart of the question - Should Christians still cling to the public school system or is it time for a mass exodus?


My Thoughts:

I watched this DVD with my husband. This one is for Mom and Dad - so skip the young kiddos.  (High School students might be okay with the content so use your own discretion - although frankly what they talk about is being taught in public schools today.  We just use discretion with how those topics are approached in our home.)

We have never sent our kids to public school because frankly, the ones in our area are not so good.  We've paid for private Christian school and currently we homeschool. I say that to say that this movie wasn't going to sway me away from thinking public schools are wonderful.  I've already felt that they were not the best place for Christians.  We've had friends say that their kid will be the light shining in the darkness ... you know like the song... this little light of mine.  Well, I think that Colin Gunn sums up what I've always thought.  The system is designed to extinguish those lights by a steady anti-christian doctrine taught from day one by a place we 'trust'.  

There were many experts interviewed during the course of this documentary.  We meet school teachers, theologians, Pastors, parents and more.  Each shared a bit of the history of public education, how it affected their families' personally and have it affects society.  It was amazing how the timeline showed the clear path of thinking from the 1800s!  A way of thinking that was designed to destroy the home and essentially take control of the mind of the child.  I felt sick watching it because honestly I had NO CLUE!  I really didn't know the history of public education (even though I'm a product of it)  and once seeing it in chronological order it disgusted me!

I think the hardest and most telling story was from Brian Rohrbough, parent and father of a Columbine victim.  He shares the story of his son Dan, and how the event played out.  It is chilling.  I'm so thankful that he shares the story because the words he spoke really hit home.  He essentially says, " It is my fault - I sent him there."  It was just heartbreaking to see him carry that heavy load of blame - he didn't pull the trigger, but as a Christian parent he feels responsible because we should all do better for our kids. (I can see why he feels that way - and I pray for his heart to heal.)

I feel like this movie is essential for Christian parents who think there is no harm in the public school.  When you see the evidence place before you it is hard to swallow but with knowledge comes power and responsibility.   It is time to reclaim our youth and our family! 

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IndoctriNation DVD Review

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