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SimplyFun Shape Whiz Game #REVIEW

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We love playing games in our household so I knew the boys would love working on this review from SimplyFun.  They sent us their  Shape Whiz game.

About Shape Whiz Game:

This game was based off of some math concepts - mainly beginner geometry.  It is recommended for ages 10 & Up.  

For the game play your child will need some basic knowledge of:

  • Sides and lengths of shapes
  • Total Area
  • Parallel lines
  • Angles
  • Total Perimeter
  • Lines of Symmetry 

 If they have studied these skills in math they should be able to play with no problem.  (My middle son just completed 7th grade math and had no problem keeping up!) 

Kid's will strengthen their skills in:

  • 2D Geometry
  • Shape Measurements
  • Math Symbols

The game pieces are simple.  There are 80 Shape Cards and 40 Whiz Cards. (with instructions included)

To play you deal out the Shape Cards to each of the players then the Whiz card gets flipped over in the center.  Players frantically search all the cards on the table (theirs and their opponents) to see if there is a match to the clue on the Whiz Card.  If there is a match to the clue, any player can 'play' the card.  Then the card is checked to see if it is correct, new cards are dealt if necessary.  The object of the game is to get through all the cards you are dealt, when a player has no cards left they win.  

How We Played and Our Thoughts:

It took us a little bit of a learning curve to get a hang of the rules of the game.  My 13 year old and I played a few trial runs to figure things out and then once we had a hang of it big brother came to play.  This is when things got serious!  Those boys were brutal!  They knew their geometry better than Mom and the action was heated to get to the Whiz Card!  Don't feel too bad!  I channeled my 10th grade year of Geometry with Mrs. Williams and managed to win the first game! I think she would be proud since I didn't fair that well in her class 23 years ago!  

We had fun playing this game.  I liked that it reinforced math skills in a very fun way - the kids didn't even realize that they were practicing all those terms from class.  We played rather aggressively but if your family was more mellow and wanted to take their time reading the cards, studying the cards and making a more educated guess - that would work too!  I liked that their were two levels in the cards a harder and an easier level - which works well if you want to play with younger students.  Overall I'd say this was a hit in our household!  

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