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ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

Today I'm going to share a CREW review for ABeCeDarian Company. This is an interactive - WORKBOOK- designed to be used on your ipod or kindle. You can also use it on a computer however it works best on a handheld device.

What Did I Receive:

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook

This includes 48 lessons for learning reading, writing and phonics work. This is basically their workbooks digitized.

Teacher Manual - A- this is a  166 page PDF of the teacher's manual. It goes through the whole program and how to teach it. Then for each lesson there is a information on what to do with your student.
ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

How We Used This and How It Works:

My five year old is just really getting into reading and we used this as a supplement for his current curriculum. I have a Kindle Fire we logged into the program on. As the teacher I sat with him and physically taught each page.  This program is what I like to call APP-ish. It has some digital aspects but it is not truly like a full on app. For example you can click to move letters around or draw/practice writing but there is no sound or instruction given. There is also no feedback. To progress from page to page you just touch the screen in the top right corner. There is no set button to push for this. We used a stylus for the handwriting portion because we found this easier to use on the device.

The program includes:

  • Handwriting practice for letters and words
  • Putting together Words 
  • Reading Pages
  • Filling in simple sentences
For this screen you have to make a word with the letters above

You can drag the letters to make the word - when you are done you just click to move on. 

Here is an example of the handwriting practice page
Reading DVD and Sight Word Sentences
handwriting letter practice 
By the end of lesson 48 you will fill in short sentences by choosing a suggested word and writing it in

My Thoughts:

I like the idea behind this program but I think it needs a bit of tweaking. First off the program is 48 lessons long and takes awhile to load. I suggest logging in and then coming back in a few minutes so the program is all set to go. Maybe breaking the sections down a little further will allow this to load faster which would make it a bit more user friendly.

 It is sort of an app but doesn't have all the bells and whistles of an app. I wish it were more of an app because it would make things easier. Having to either print the massive TM or pull it up on my phone while sitting with my child using this program was a lot of extra work. If it was a true app it would basically teach itself and you wouldn't need the TM or to be so hands on. As a parent my time is limited between my four children so I would have liked being able to hand the device to my child and let them work a bit independently - like I could with a workbook. This might not be an issue for your family. Today's schools are going paperless and I think this product supports that trend.

For us I would have preferred their original program with the workbooks and printed teacher manual - that is a style we enjoy in our homeschool. I think the idea of this is neat and I could see how someone who was using the program to teach phonics might find this as a nice addition to written work or as a way to go paperless. The program includes all the phonics, writing and reading to make is a pretty solid choice to teach this subject.

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ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

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  1. sounds like you have the program a good go but it just wasn't a fit for your family.


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