Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Book Review: The Way The Cookie Crumbled

Do you have an emerging reader that loves fun facts? (I do!!) Then The Way the Cookie Crumbled by Jody Jensen Shaffer is the perfect book to add to your reading. This book is a chapter book that takes you through the fantastically fun history of how cookies came to be. You might be surprised to learn the history - we were. One fun fact is that in England cookies aren't called cookies, they are called biscuits!  That is just one tasty fact you will learn in this book. We used it as our read aloud this week in school and I've caught my son looking at it several times since. He really enjoyed the illustrations by Kelly Kennedy and learning all about one of his favorite treats. This book would be a great asset in a unit study. In fact we not only read this story but J-man drew a picture of the different varieties of cookies and we plan on baking some chocolate cookies very soon. (see how easy a unit study could come together!)


C is for cookie in this fact-tastic nonfiction Level 3 Ready-to-Read that explores the history of cookies, part of a series about the history of fun stuff! 

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I used to have gingerbread cookies molded into the shapes of her favorite advisers? Or that Girl Scouts used to bake the cookies they sold themselves? Or that if you stacked all the Oreos ever made, they would reach to the moon and back five times? Become a History of Fun Stuff Expert on the super-sweet history of cookies and amaze your friends with all you’ve learned in this fun, fact-filled Level 3 Ready-to-Read! 

A special section at the back of the book includes Common Core–vetted extras on subjects like science, social studies, and math, and there’s even a fun quiz so readers can test themselves to see what they’ve learned! Learning history has never been so much fun! 

 You can get your copy of The Way the Cookie Crumbled at your local bookstore or online at stores like Amazon.

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