Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fresh Fall Looks with Hard Candy

The weather is finally changing here in New Jersey. We've had a cold front move in and I've pulled out my boots, sock and warm sweaters. The warm colors have me changing my beauty routine. I'm getting ready to darken my hair to go along with the deeper hues and warm looks. I've brought out my browns and earthy greens. That has me reaching for neutral shadows for my eyes to complete the look. Hard Candy Top Ten Satin Eyeshadow available at Walmart is a perfect set of creamy shadows that blend beautifully.

Jumpstart’s 11th Annual Read for the Record 10/27 #WIN

 We all know that literacy is one of the most important part of early education. Learning to read and learning to love to read starts young and if established last a lifetime. I personally work hard to build the love of reading with my children because as boys it just doesn't come naturally to them. Within our homeschool the older children have read many books over the years and our resident kindergartener is just starting to read on his own with beginner books. For him we read aloud along with his baby brother. Over the year the bigger boys join us for read alouds as well. (This is one of my favorite family times!)

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Adventures of Gumby: 60s Series Vol 2 Review & Giveaway #ad

 I remember watching Gumby as a child. The clay molded to tell the story and I watched regularly! When I saw The Adventures of Gumby: 60s Series Vol 2 DVD, I got excited to share this cartoon from my past with my children!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

2 New Books in Shelley Shepard Gray's Charmed Amish Life Series! #review

 I have loved the Charmed Amish Life Series from Shelley Shepard Gray and I really enjoyed the final two installments of this series. (In fact I'm sad to see it end...maybe we can band together and beg for more?) For this review I was given the last two books to share. So I'll be talking about them both.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Thrive Bars from GoMacro Review & Giveaway!

 Being a nursing Mamma on the go can be tricky when it comes to food. I like to eat healthy and organic but it is not always easy to find foods when out and about that fit those two requirements. Recently GoMacro sent me a box of their new Thrive bars which are very easy to pack in my diaper bag and grab when hunger strikes. They are made with real ingredients in yummy unique flavors. These are not your average granola bars! They are soft, chewy and healthy. Something I feel good about fueling my body with and don't mind when my little one wants a nibble!

Friday, October 21, 2016

God's Little Lambs ~ Bible Stories ~ #bookreview


My five year old has been very interested in learning about bible stories. He is quickly falling in love with God's Word and all the wonders in the bible. We have been reading God's Little Lambs ~ Bible Stories ~ by Julie Stiegemeyer at bedtime to help feed his desire to learn.


Bible Stories for God’s Little Lambs is a storybook Bible written just for little ones. With a padded cover and simple, accessible text by Julie Stiegemeyer, children will learn about God’s love through stories such as Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Big Fish, and Jesus Welcomes the Children. With soft brushstrokes and warm colors, Qin Leng provides illustrations readers will love to cuddle up with at bedtime or any time of the day.

My Thoughts:

I love this book. Across the 35 stories we start at the beginning and end with a story about Paul. It covers some Old Testament and some New Testament. The illustrations by Qin Leng really help draw my child's interest further into the story and he asks a lot of questions because of that. Each story also has a little box with a lamb that gives a little special note to the reader about God. It is a nice addition to the stories. This book is for ages 3-8  and I feel like 5+ will really get a lot out of it.

You can get your copy of God's Little Lambs at your local book retailer or online at Zondervan.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Let's Talk Hair Removal with no!no!

 In August I turned 40! This was a big deal for me. I wish I could say I embraced it gracefully but frankly I did not. I noticed my gray hairs, wrinkles and even my mustache - it was as if they appeared overnight to taunt me. The gray was an easy fix with a trip to the drugstore and the wrinkles well I'm fighting them with skin care, staying away from the sun and lots of water. That left me with this dark fluff growing on the sides of my mouth. It was getting noticeable and I really didn't know what my options were. So I started asking around. Some bleach but you can see those results, they really stand out. Some tweeze or wax but those options are so painful and add to the monthly budget. A few shave but that is not for me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016!!

 It is that time again! Holiday time! Typically I go a little crazy sharing deals and some great products but this year I'm slowing it down. I will have some fabulous books as well as a few great products. I may share some deals on Facebook so be sure to follow me over there. Remember the more you interact on facebook the more it shows up in your feed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Berenstain Bears Bedtime Devotional #bookreview

 There is something sweet about doing devotions with little kids. They like it short and sweet but it can spark a huge discussion on some crazy topics. The Berenstain Bears have a whole Christian line of books and now they've added a sweet Bedtime Devotional by Mike Berenstain. This book includes scripture, a section called 'Carry On Cub' - which is a call to action and sweet pictures of the Bear family.

Monday, October 17, 2016

I Don't Want To Be Big #bookreview

Growing up is hard and can be quite scary! In, I Don't Want To Be Big, little frog realizes he doesn't want to be big when his dad reminds him that eating all his dinner will help him to grow big. Poor little frog goes on and on about all the reasons he doesn't need to be bigger or want to be. The heart of the matter is that he just doesn't want to grow up - which in the end his daddy assures him - doesn't have to happen and he can still have a good time!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

CITYBLOCK #bookreview

 CITYBLOCK by Christopher Franceschelli is a chunky book with thick pages that is perfect for little hands. You follow two little kids as they explore a big city from the museums to elevators to gift shops. The block style book is very neat to behold. Some pages fold out while others offer a peek-a-boo to the next page. It really captures the feel of a big city on the pages.

Pug Meets Pig Book Review & Giveaway! #WIN

Ever have someone come into your life and your not so sure it is a good fit? Then as time goes by you realize that they've grown on you and you've become best friends? That is the basic story of Pug meets Pig by Sue Lowell Gallion. See adorable Pug gets a sibling Pig. Pig worms her way into everything Pug does and it really starts to bother Pug. Until one day Pug realizes how much he loves Pig's company and that is when they start to share their wonderful life.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Wonderful You by Vanessa Trien & the Jumping Monkeys CD #win

 I have a wonderful children's album to share with you by Vanessa Trien & the Jumping Monkeys! Wonderful You has an beautiful nostalgic sound that will bring a smile to your face. Lyrics focus on the world around featuring the magic and wonder of it all.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Oskar loves... #bookreview

 Oskar loves...

by Britta Teckentrup

Today I'm going to share a book that has become one of my fast favorites this fall. Oskar loves... by Britta Teckentrup features an adorable crow named Oskar. Across the pages he shares all the things he loves. From pebbles to books, our feathered friend enjoys his world. I love the simplicity of this book just sharing about what a little bird loves but the illustrations and the colors used on each of the pages. It is stunning to read and has drawn me in just to get another look at the pictures.

NJ Field Trip: Indian Acres - Pumpkin Picking

Indian Acres
111 Tuckerton Rd.,
Medford, NJ 08055
(609) 953-0087

Last week we went on our fall pumpkin picking trip with two other homeschooling families. This was our first time going to Indian Acres and I have to tell you this location was pretty awesome.  The cost for the hay ride was only $4 per person and for the pumpkins you paid by the size and they littlest started at $1.50. This was extremely reasonable.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

MyFreezEasy Freezer Cooking Subscription Service #review

 Freezer cooking is the newest thing in cooking trends. Let's face it we all are busy and dinner time can be a struggle to figure out what to make. It does take some thought but with a service like MyFreezEasy you can get a handle on those rushed nights by being prepared in advance.

Monday, October 10, 2016

In The Spirit Halloween Book Tour, Giveaway & Review! #WorkmanHalloween

October is flying by and before we know it Halloween will be here. There is something about those crisp fall nights that bring out the spookiness that we all enjoy. I have a great set of books to share with you today that are perfect for getting In The Spirit of the season! Make sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post after you see all the wonderful books!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

STAR WARS CREATURES, SHIPS & DROIDS Poster-A-Page Review & Giveaway!!!

 Any other Star Wars fans out there? My boys are all huge fans and collectors. In fact the kid love decorating their rooms with collectibles and posters from Star Wars. When we received  STAR WARS CREATURES, SHIPS & DROIDS Poster-A-Page in the mail the first kid to see it was my sixteen year old and he tried to claim it for his own! Why? This book actually is an entire book of cool posters featuring all your favorite characters. There are little facts and questions on the back of the page sized posters making the book neat to look through. Or you can actually dismantle the whole thing and hang those up but if you would like to keep them intact that is fine too. On top of those there are 7 giant posters including one that you can color yourself. Now do you see why I have three boys fighting over this gem?

Saturday, October 8, 2016

KJV The Beginner's Bible Holy Bible #REVIEW

 We are a King James Version bible family so when it comes to new bibles there is usually slim pickings for the littler bunch. Most come in ESV or NIV but now KJV. When I saw that The Beginner's Bible came in a KJV version I was excited to see what this would mean. Would it be just pictures and stories? Would it be paraphrased? I was over the moon when I saw that this is the complete bible! It includes all the books from Genesis to Revelation in full. There are some pictures in the bible as well.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Make A Circle CD by Jennifer Paskow

 Happy, folky music  and fun lyrics make the album Make A Circle by Jennifer Paskow stand out. Singing about love and the wonderful world around us Paskow has created a really special album. I just adore the song The I Love You Song. I have been singing this one around the house since first hearing it. Celebrate This Day is the type of song that makes you want to get up and move along with the lyrics. This whole album just makes you feel good! It isn't a hard rocky sound either it is more gentle, sweet and totally uplifting. I've been playing it in the morning when the kids are still in that sleepy-don't-feel-like-doing- anything mood. It hard to be grumpy when this album is playing.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

VeggieTales Every Day with God Boys Devotional #win

 I used to shy away from devotional books. It was one of those things my former church really didn't talk about so I didn't put much thought into them either. Then a sweet friend mentioned one on social media and I started looking into them. Since then I've fallen in love with daily devotional books. I love the short sweet message they give and the way they encourage quality time in God's Word.

Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers #REVIEW

 One of my favorite courses to teach is English. However it is also one of the most intimidating. There are so many grammar rules, sentences structure rules and even essay writing rules. When the kids are little we cram all this information in and when they reach high school level courses we expect these kids to be competent when it comes to literary analysis, writing papers and constructing logical arguments on paper. It is a lot to come together and master. As an adult looking back on my personal experience in school I realize that I did not learn a whole lot in my high school. That meant learning and studying to be able to teach my students. Everyday Education, LLC sent me their Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers for review. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Favorite Things

 Are you enjoying this series? I might switch it up come January... after I do my yearly favorites. I really do love sharing things that I love, I guess it is the product reviewer in me. I tend to share products with everyone I meet. I feel bad for the people trying to shop in target because I tend to overshare there ... often.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

If You Were Me and Lived in... Series by Carole P. Roman #review

 I love history and I love teaching history. There is just so much to learn from the past. We were recently sent 4 books from the If You Were Me and Lived In... series Brought to you by Carole P. Roman and Awaywegomedia.com to review.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Olivia Loves Owl #review

Olivia Loves Owl

by David McPhail

I have the cutest board book to share with perfect for the fall season! Olivia Love Owl is about a little girl and an Owl. The book shares what Olivia likes and does along with what likes and does. Most of all they love each other and being together.The story is a great expression of friendship and the give and take that friendship requires. This book has beautiful illustrations with the wonderful colors of fall making it a great read for this time of year. Most of all it features my favorite animal - the Owl - which makes me smile while reading to the kids.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Blessings #Review

Pumpkin Patch Blessings 

by Kim Washburn

Illustrations by Jacqueline East

 Can you believe it is October already? I love fall, with the crisp fresh air and pumpkin everything! One of my favorite activities is taking the boys to the pumpkin patch! It is so much fun deciding on the perfect pumpkin for carving to set on the front porch. Pumpkin Patch Blessings is a sweet book that features two little kids experiencing the harvest time. They look at all the beauty in our world with the changing of leaves and even a sweet visit to the pumpkin patch. This is a board book which is perfect for little hands to hold and the sing-song rhyme of the story drawns young listeners in along with the adorable illustrations.

Piano For Kids & Drums For Kids by Hal Leonard Corporation #review

 Many years ago when I first met my husband I shared my dream of playing the piano. I had learned a tiny bit in high school by taking lessons. His family was very musical and his sister plays extremely well. We would often sit and listen to her practice. Fast forward many years to one random Christmas and my husband hands me a rather large gift. In it was a full size keyboard. He wanted me to not just have dreams but to actually accomplish them. So that January with my (then) 3 year old son in tow I took lessons from my husbands former piano teacher. This lasted for awhile and then after about 4 months we purchased our own full sized upright piano which is now the centerpiece of our living room.

Friday, September 30, 2016

*NEW* Superhero from The Laurie Berkner Band #WIN

 When I heard there was going to be a new album from The Laurie Berkner Band, I was over the moon! This mommy has been rocking along with Laurie since 2000! Each of my kids knows every song, as do my husband and I. We are just huge fans. Superhero features all new songs and it is fantastic!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

VeggieTales In The House Season 4 - Now on Netflix Plus Free Activity Printables & Recipe Cards!!


Anyone else excited about a new season of VeggieTales In The House? I know we are! I love having quality, clean shows to share with my littles!! If you click on Larry you will get some cool recipe cards for healthy snacks, click on Bob for some cool printables! 

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Book Review: Forever Doon

 Forever Doon

by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

I've finally finished the last book in the Doon series - Forever Doon! Let me tell you this is the best yet! This story has so much action and the characters grow up a lot with all that is going on. Each of our four main starts - Jamie, Veronica, MacKenna and Duncan have to face their biggest fears and learn that together they are unstoppable against the evil witch. It is a battle and a fight - and there were some sad losses this time but it made for a great read. The Protector gave them the tools to succeed. Seriously, if you haven't embarked on this series - do it, NOW!